Candidates at a Glance

I’ve managed to procure myself a list of the people who are running in the AMS Executive Elections, although the Senate, BoG, SLFS and Ubyssey Editorial Board still elude me.


  • Blake Frederick – Former AVP Academic under Brendon Goodmurphy, Current AVP External under Stefanie Ratjen. I’ve always like Blake – he’s a policy wonk and really cares about the university. Reminds me of Jeff, though this isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  • Paul Korczyc – Former President of the Polish Club at UBC, and generally really involved with the UBC Polish Club. Kind of peripherally involved with the AMS core group, but some new blood wouldn’t be out of line after years of insider Presidents. Also does Trivia!
  • Alex Monegro – Current VP External of the Commerce Undergraduate Society. Good voice around the council table, and has never hesitated to speak his mind.

VP Administration

  • Crystal Hon – Current AUS VP Internal. Crystal is sunny and bright and enthusiastic – a keener if you would – but I don’t know why she wants to be VP Admin. Course, having seen the job, I don’t know why ANYONE would want to be VP Admin, so this is a bit of a moot point.
  • Water Fountain – Water dispensary device made much more scare on campus during those years we were trying to meet our Coke quota. We need more Water Fountain on campus, but after so much downtime, can this porcelain politico really hack the stresses of SUB lease negotiations?
  • Tristan Markle – Current VP Admin. NOBODY is going to be able to challenge Tristan on what’s going on. Tristan is also one of the paragons of the Knolligarchy, but I really would be hard pressed to find times when that has adversely affected the completion of his duties.
  • Jeremy ‘Kommander Keg’ McElroy – Current RBF uber-hack, will the Keg be able to corral the clubs, keep the administration at bay, and so on and so forth, all the while having an internal alcohol content of 7%.

VP Finance

  • Ale Coates – Current Vice Chair of SAC, she knows the system, and will be a good voice for the continuity of what’s going on currently.
  • Tom Dvorak – Chair of a Commerce Conference, tom is personable and wants change in our businesses. I’m not sure what exactly this change will be, but I know he wants some café-like thing for Blue Chip, which I thought was pretty cool. This race is going to need further study on platforms.

VP Academic

  • David Nogas – First person I ever ran against at UBC, we both lost the race for SUS First Year Rep. Haven’t seen much of him since then, but I left SUS, so that’s not saying much.
  • Sonia Purewal – Current Science AMS counciller, Sonia is really nice, but to my recollection has never really raised a lot in terms of Academics or University Affairs while on Council, so I don’t know where she stands. Good campaigner though.
  • Johannes Rebane – Current Commerce VP Academic, and apparently a strong voice on academic issues. He’ll have to work to balance that with the University Affairs part of the portfolio, but I’ll wait until I see his platform on this before I comment.
  • Jeremy Wood – I don’t know who this is, but if this is the Jeremy Wood on Facebook, he appears to be of the Social Justice Centre.

VP External

  • Tim Chu – Current Arts AMS Rep, and NDP uber-hack. Went to UMP. There is no position that I’m going to be analyzing the platforms more of, so stay tuned for some focus.
  • Iggy Rodriguez – Current UBCYL Exec, and Liberal uber-hack. Went to UMP. Has thrown together an impressive team in a very short time to combat one of the best campus campaigners I’ve ever seen at UBC, Tim Chu’s campaign manager, Rory Green.
  • The King’s Head – Gross and awesome bar in Kitsilano. Would be a good place for external conferences, lobbying, etc.
  • Fire – In the AMS, Fire represents life. Who will be the first to be voted out of the executive?

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