Liveblogging Four Races in One Hour!

1:04 – And were done. Damn, nobody won Bingo. Better luck next time.

1:02 – Are there issues in this election? Good point – the candidates share many views. Paul is an outsider, Blake is different from others – please look at the platforms. Alex has support network to get things done. (Short answer – no, there are not.)

12:58 – What is your greatest achievement? Alex: Working with the CUS, making it better, changing structure to engage more students. Paul says that he successfully advocated for students – buzzword answer, very meh. Blake says that his greatest achievement is being at UBC. Good personal story on barriers to university.

12:57 – Candidates answer on NCAA. Blake against, has good reasons why – see the Athletics Consultation Facebook Group for a good discussion. Paul against, because it wouldn’t help engagement. Alex talks about how the money could be better spent, also a good answer.

12:56 – Alex Lougheed questions why the AMS has not yet joined the NAACP…

12:54 – STV. Bah, I refuse to cover this – this isn’t an AMS issue.

12:53 – Blake asks how he can fight student housing? Blake clearly misunderstands the question and gives detailed and eloquent answer on how he will fight for student housing.

12:52 – What can you do to empower student initiatives? By not trying to start things all from the AMS, and letting students do things – Alex.

12:50 – Candidates asked communication question, returning from the last debate by popular demand. Paul believes in baby steps.

12:48 – Blake talks about experience, and gives a good statement. Paul is again playing ‘outsider’, and promises to be loud. Alex talks about the exec team (thats a bingo word).

12:46 – Should wages at AMS Businesses be increased? Tom: Pay according to industry standard. Ale: Fair compensation can be improved by focusing on WorkStudy programs. Ale’s answer was better, because it ignored the question and talked about a fairly interesting platform Academic-Finance merger.

12:44 – Ale loves to work with staff, has been doing it for a year. Tom talks about making the jobs of staff easier, and streamlining, which got applause, but I didn’t really understand why.

12:43 – CUS President Spencer Rocky asks question about Business Ops Ctte. Moderator – please ask your question faster.

12:41 – Execs can’t do whatever you want in committees. Whats your experience working as a team? Both candidates do fine. Buzzwordy, but fine.

12:40 – Commerce plant – How can we improve sponsorship? Tom: Undergrad societies can raise more sponsorship because they want links to professional organization. We need product sponsorship.

12:39 – Tom talks about changing current practices to encourage sustainability. Ale talks about student initiatives. It all seems good.

12:37 – Sustainability question. GREEN SHIFT! (Minor break as Naylor breaks down in tears….)

12:36 – Ale Coates loses surefire endorsement when I discover that her name is pronounced “Ally” and not “Ale” like the beer.

12:35 – Switches to VP Finance debate.

12:31 – SUB Renewal is going to be a big project for all students – how will you make all students’ voices heard. Crystal wants more streamlined consultation. Tristan talks about long consultation process, and engagement through more channels, and … then runs out of time. Keg says democracy is stupid, because half the people lose all the time, suggests Canadian compromise, where everyone loses!

12:30 – The DA is here! Yah! Good question – radical v. mainstream for Fountain and Keg. Beer is 95% water!

12:29 – Where the fuck are the WATER FOUNTAINS!?!

12:26 – Crystal wants to computerize club bureaucracy. This is a good idea that has failed every single time (AMSLink). Tristan talks about the SUB and the negotiation process. Keg has no fists, would scrap SUB Renew in favour of walls, and renaming SUB USB and USB 2.0.

12:23 – Water fountain single issue serious?!?! campaign. About water fountains. Sweet! Crystal is playing the outsider. Tristan talks about the AMS record. Mexican guard talks about how he will kommand the SUB with an iron fist. Political change is seen through the barrel of a keg.

12:22 – Switch up to the VP Admin Debate. Keg and Keg Agent, and Water Fountain are seen for the first time.

12:18 – Last question from the audience. I have no idea what she’s talking about. Something about investing in students v. economy. Jeremy is loud and vague. Johannes is a slick talker, but has clearly studied up. Agrees. David talks about how we have to pay for things now – really good point. Agrees. Sonia talks about revenue streams as well. Agrees.

12:16 – Haikus. Testing the ability of candidates to come up with a 17 word phrase.

12:14 – David talks about not taking money away from students, also in a provincial context. Sonia speaks in a … distracting … manner. Johannes talks about how UBC is not a mall. Jeremy Wood asks Johannes where he has been in the fight against that, as if being involved in the SJC is the only place where you can do that.

12:12 – Johannes v. Jeremy appears to be a debate between ‘end goal’ v. ‘next step’ advocacy.

12:10 – Johannes has some interesting things to say. Jeremy is saying a lot of things that are good, but doesn’t say how this is to be done. Also wants to ‘continue work that has been done already on the Equity office’.

12:09 – The debate seems to actually be a lot of prepared questions that are platform specific. This is interesting, although it makes the debate more like a joint press conference than a … debate.

12:08 – Echo chamber audio problems. Missed most of David’s point.

12:04 – Sonia has been screwed by UBC. David has been doing research for months – he now realizes that people don’t care about the AMS. Engagement? Johannes was CUS VP Academic, is running to ‘create positive teaching and learning environment’. Jeremy Wood is fighting a cold, and thanks god that he doesn’t sit on the CUS – AMS doesn’t do anything, but he will!

12:01 – It looks like the VP Academic debate is going to be going on first. Got a chance to meet Jeremy Wood today. I also note that all the candidates seem to be dressed in variations of gray tops.

Alrighty then, just sitting here in the Gallery, enjoying my pre-debate beer. We’re covering a lot of races today, so I’ll try and be quick about the updates. Hi-ho Naylor away!


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  1. January 19, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Dear Drunken Assholes,

    We link to you on our slanderblog yet you do not link to us on your boozeblog. Why don’t you love us?

    Furrily yours,


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