Liveblogging the Jan 21 Debates

1:48 – And we’re done. Good riddance. AJ should probably be appointed debate moderator for life.

1:42 – Closing statements (in 35 seconds, because AJ wants to give the timekeeper a hard time). Candidates repeat opening statements. Everyone has a record, has a plan, has a voice. This dialectic was refreshing after the awful, awful, awful VPX debate.

1:40 – UBC Devil – Since RBF has failed in fighting the War on Fun, what will you do? Mike and Blake defends RBF and RBF/AMS Joint accomplishments. (YAYYYYY!) All give fairly good, if unremarkable answers.

1:37 – Do you work/volunteer for the University, if it’s a conflict? Blake – no. Mike – not employed, volunteering might be appropriate, but wouldn’t personally. Tristan – no, and I will not be bought off. Bijan – reveals that this is directed against him, because he was Prof. Toope’s Research Assistant. He states that he has been more effective because of his relationships.

1:35 – Mike mentions the Farm and infill housing in what was a surprisingly late arrival to the debate of this issue. Tristan also says something, and Bijan is shaking his head. I haven’t followed this enough to know why.

1:33 – One questioner declares his initial bias in his question, for a refreshing change.

1:30 – What would you put in the busloop? Tristan – Affordable housing and right-priced outlets. Bijan – An entrance to to the University, some shops like Tristan wants. Blake – What Tristan wants, basicall, and will work with SUB to make this happen. Mike – “Life long place of learning”. Mike gives a good answer, talks about his record, but has been breathing the fumes in the Old Admin building a little.

1:28 – Tim and Iggy, please see Tristan for lessons on how to respectfully attack your opponent’s record. Tristan makes some good points on the Bus Bunker. Bijan attacked, but comes out relatively unscathed, because he talked about amendments and how he gets things done.

1:25 – US invades and occupies UBC. Resist or collaborate to minimize student casualties. Blake, Mike and Tristan resist. Bijan, who is experienced in conflict resolution, would collaborate.

1:24 – Blake endorses all his opponents. (I have to say, endorsement wise, this is going to be really tough.) Says that AMS President has advantage on Board.

1:22 – The candidate specific questions were good, but the candidates kind of let them slip through their hands as a way to let people know more about them.

1:21 – Kristian Arciaga, AUS GO, wins BINGO! (Actually, this happened a while ago.)

1:20 – Mike and Tristan are… the same candidate, apparently.

1:18 – I should note that the other candidate, Andrew Carne, is not here, because he is at a conference. However, I did just have a interview with him yesterday, which I will try and get up ASAP.

1:15 – I’m so smad (sad and mad) from VPX debate. GRRRRR! Must focus. Blake gives platform similar to his Presidential campaign. Mike is the President, knows things. So does Tristan, who notably claims that he knows more about BoG than other candidates, which is a bold claim to make with an incumbant next to him. Bijan talks about working as a team, and the benefits of experience.

1:10 – BoG debate switchover. VPX debate was awful, now inclined to vote for Fire. Going to get drink.

1:09 – A note to Iggy – publicly bashing the person who you want to succeed is probably not the best for inter-exec relations, or for a peaceable transition.

1:06 – Stef thinks that protest politics are effective… Tim now wants to defeat the Premier. Good, good, that kind of talk is going to establish good faith. Iggy rejects premise of the question, rattles off a list of what has not been done, and was probably his best point of the debate.

1:05 – I have to say that I’m not impressed with any of the candidates. The VPX race is always the most nasty, but this is ridiculous. If any of you want the RBT endorsement, start running positive, issue based campaigns – ad hominim attacks are no good for anyone.

1:03 – Someone asks a question about the plants. Iggy – these plants are common, and its the problem. I’m not impressed that they are so many partisans here.

1:01 – RBT question – can you put aside partisanship? Iggy will wear his affiliation on his sleeve, but will not work for provincial campaigns, rails against partisanship in AMS.  Tim thinks <Rory! CLAP QUIETLY!> that Stef has put aside partisanship, will as well.

12:59 – Oooh, Iggyplant! Why do you want to build a childcare centre, if it’s not part of the VPX portfolio? (And it is, and Tim says so.)

12:57 – How will you increase minority representation on campus? Engaging minority media, clubs, but should not enforce quotas!

12:56 – Tequila shots? TEQUILA SHOTS! Everyone takes it.

12:55 – Oooh! Tim wants to start AMS Pravda! Iggy rails against nepotism, talks about how he will get new people on Council.

12:54 – King needs a tequila shot. God, I agree.

12:53 – More Timhack questions. Rory, I realize you are good at bringing people out to ask questions, but this is a little ridiculous.

12:51 – FairVote BC question. Iggy wants to use the referendum to increase turnout, would put question to council. Tim talks about how the system isn’t working (not really true, you just don’t like the results – first past the post was really designed to do what you don’t want). Fire would choose a candidate by dipping hand in boiling oil.

12:49 – Do you support the soft cap? Tim doesn’t like the soft cap, actually thinks we should be reducing fees, which is BS – not gonna happen, not under the BC Liberals, not under the NDP. Please stop wasting our time. Iggy panders, supports a price increase not in excess of the changing ability of students to pay.

12:47 – God, these candidates. I don’t like these attacks. Iggy and Tim should know better. Also, the amount of people who are plants… grumble.

12:45 – Tim Chu’s campaign manager asks a question. Iggy supports the equity program, but doesn’t think that its currently working. Tim thinks it is, and is an equity officer, sits on equity committee. Cheering section is loud for Tim.

12:42 – Joke candidates need better jokes… Specific questions. Tim talks about trying to improve representation to women and ethnic minorities. Iggy talks about outsider status, claims credit for Liberal Party wanting to decriminalize marijuana. Kingshead will open branch at UBC, have #1 bus running to Kingshead in Kits. Fire will KILL Waterfountain!

12:40 – Fire will do away with democracy. Iggy thinks that protest politics has broken the AMS, and HAS A PLAN. Tim wants a broad based lobbying strategy, and increased representation of women and ethnic minorities on the AMS.

12:37 – Tim opens, is most experienced. And sits on 5 committees. And is afraid of standing water in metal pipes. Iggy is in compsci and a T-bird. Kingshead was appointed by God, Fire interprets Moses.

12:36 – VP External. Tim Chu has a cheering section!

12:33 – Ale will impulse(misheard probably?) our student aid and other issues. Tom wants to maximize the business revenue for the AMS. Both are good. I never really got the VP Finance debates – there are not huge differences between people here. This one presents perhaps more of a difference than you’ve seen, but I still feel like I’m choosing between shades of the same cloth.

12:31 – Tom to Ale – What experience do you have in Business Operations? Ale hits this softball with a resounding crack, pivots to sustainability, rounds the bases, and runs out of time. Follow up: Used Book Store? Our past endeavors have never lost money, they just weren’t that profitable.

12:29 – Ale to Tom – What is your stance on AMS funding of financial aid? Resp. The AMS should not be supplying bursaries. (Ummm… we’ve been doing this for years, and they are fairly important.) Tom also makes a good point about the fact that there are tonnes of unclaimed scholarships every year.

12:26 – I didn’t hear the question, but I think it was about student fee increases. Tom talks about reforming our businesses so we don’t have to increase the fees. Ale talks about the reduction in the Athletics fees. Ale hits the nail bang on the head when she states that our fees are already among the lowest in Canada, and that our current fee levels are probably fine.

12:24 – Jeremy Wood asks a question in an unnecessarily confrontational manner about childcare. Ale talks about increasing spending through government partnerships. Tom talks about creating a committee to study this.

12:22 – ACF Debt question!!! WOOOOO!!!! Tom – there is currently $15,000 debt outstanding. For the wrong reasons (ie. Arts didn’t run ACF), the debt should be forgiven. Ale – the AUS should be forced to pay only because they can.

12:21 – Ale’s club focused platform question – a massive increase in what Clubs Days would be – an SLC/Clubs Days merger for term two.

12:19 – Platform specific questions. Tom talks about improving the transparancy budget (isn’t that why we have a Budget committee?). Chris Diplock has apparently been saying that no questions were asked about the budget. Here’s one: WHERE IS THE AUS MONEY?

12:18 – What beyond Finance will you do? Ale – club interaction and a used book store. Tom – looking where the money comes from – business focus.

12:16 – What is the best experience you have? Tom – Being the sponsorship manager for a student organization. I am impressed that the sponsorship revenue that the CUS has brought in far exceeds that of the AMS. Ale – I have been Vice Chair, something more traditional in terms of what prospective VPF candidates have (Sophia, Brittany…)

12:14 – Platforms! Ale – Budget the AMS funds into sustainably run student initiatives. Also creating financial aid – very project focused, less of a platform about the businesses. Tom – We need to set the “Global Standard for Social Responsibility”. Buzzwordy speech, but decent. Also, the Green Shift is back.

12:10 – AJ kicks off the debate. Check out Live in for Literacy, which AJ is doing this week, living in the Ike Barber Centre. He asks what people are like, and people give their biographies.

Now THIS is a venue. Coming to you live from the Gallery, I’m about to watch the VP Finance debate. I have pizza, I have (already drank all my) booze, and I am ready to get blogging for you. This debate is incidentally coming to you in part because of the RBT, because I have loaned my watch to the elections committee.


1 Response to “Liveblogging the Jan 21 Debates”

  1. 1 Rory
    January 23, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    “People were not impressed because it was clear that he had people planted in the audience asking questions, and a huge cheer section. This does not bother me. If he can effectively mobilize people to come see him at debates then he will also be able to mobilize people as VPX. Heck, if people are willing to sit through something that painful for him, imagine how much he will be able to get done.”


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