“There is no War on Fun”

Our good pals and allies against the War on Fun over at the Ubyssey managed to find someone who thinks there’s no war on fun at UBC.

The fact that he begins his rant with “UBC has a long-standing tradi­tion of sucking” points to his ignorance. UBC has a short-standing tradition of sucking. Why? The war on fun. Here are some traditions we’ve seen disappear in the past while:

  1. Constituency media. The 432, Underground, nEUSpaper, Cavalier. All dead, but the Point survives. Only serious business allowed in constituencies now. CAUSE OF DEATH: Plague affecting only funny writers.
  2. Arts County Fair. People still want it back. In two years, no one will remember. AMS remains unsympathetic, by taking over the event, but not the debt. CAUSE OF DEATH: Awesome neighborhood planning practices.
  3. OktoberfEUSt. Old engineering concert. MiniACF. CAUSE OF DEATH: Bookings reps playing hop-scotch with the EUS.
  4. Stunts on campus. The Engineers pull off one or two a year, but they’re tame compared to stealing the speakers chair. CAUSE OF DEATH: Too much homework.
  5. Occupied beer gardens. Those who live in residence no longer come out to campus gardens. CAUSE OF DEATH: Social coordinators redefined to include ‘paperwork’, ‘rcmp harassment’ and ‘underwater basket weaving’.
  6. Fraternity parties. Campus and Community Planning ‘found’ documents that professionals in their field scoff at, limiting the capacity of the frat houses. CAUSE OF DEATH: Magic document creating pixies.
  7. Buck-a-Beaker. Was public, and one dollar per beer. Then made public and two dollars a beer. Now moved underground. CAUSE OF DEATH: Science.
  8. Joke/pointless clubs. Where’s the Afternoon Tea Society? The Moustashe Club? The Canadian Club? The Brian Sullivan Appreciation Society? CAUSE OF DEATH: Annexed by Afternoon Tea Society, then civil war.

There’s more. What’s next in the War on Fun? The RBT fears:

  1. Beta House getting a curfew (due to Greenwood).
  2. Gage Towers getting a curfew (due to fresh new private housing just across the street).
  3. New SUB Pit Pub dying due to student residences next door.
  4. SUB Lease agreement giving UBC orwellian control over liquor (see drafts–they’re a slap in the face).
  5. Housing and Conferences crawling facebook for unregistered parties (see US examples).

The RBT wishes for:

  1. New SUB Brewpub.
  2. New SUB Sky Lounge.
  3. South Campus nightclub.
  4. Residence Associations that aren’t controlled by Housing and Conferences (and can actually, gasp, host fun events). RHA: hire someone to research liabilities issues from your perspective, not theirs.
  5. Variety of events in unique venues. See: Slam Poetry, anything hosted in Dorothy Somerset Studio, campus bands that aren’t shittythe rbt has just learned these do not exist, ourdoor events (fuck the weather, lets play more CTF).
  6. Diversification of events on campus. Why does the CVC always leave for Plush for their parties? Ladha Centre, up your game.
  7. Interclub partnered events, that go beyond hackery. Constituency mixers are pure hackery, lets see some that aren’t.
  8. A local DJ club. On campus rates to encourage on-campus events.
  9. Events in Thunderbird Arena. It’s big, it’s indoors, and it’s not that far. Concerts, please.
  10. events.ubc.ca to catch on more.
  11. The Athletics department to actually give a shit about getting people to come to their games. Hint: THIS TAKES PLANNING.

The War on Fun isn’t an active one, it’s passive one, and it rages on. Mostly in Matt’s pants though.


5 Responses to ““There is no War on Fun””

  1. January 22, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    “Housing and Conferences crawling facebook for unregistered parties”

    Advisors already get info about parties in res via facebook… mostly since residents are silly and invite us, or it shows up in our news feed that 15 of our friends have joined “Get crunked in Mawds 3rd!”

  2. 3 Alex
    January 22, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    My understanding is that that is just informal, and it’s up to the RA’s to figure out what to do.

    The moment there’s policy directive/active searching for these things is what I fear.

  3. January 23, 2009 at 8:12 am

    on a tangentially related point, why doesn’t the RBF try to open up an AMS MICROBREW?!?!

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