Liveblogging the Jan 23 Debates

1:39 – Closing Statements. Keg – help me abolish democracy,and let me win through Condorcet. Waterfountain – vote for the waterfountain to get more water fountains. Tristan – Beer is 95% water and 5% pessimism and cynicism.

That’s why it tastes so good. -Rob McLean

Crystal –  I am a reasoned voice that will do well. Oh, and my favorite campus Tory, Katie Tyson wins Bingo.

1:36 – Crystal to Tristan – You’ve been polarizing politics, which is only useful if you are trying to do something radical. Do you feel that by alienating the board you are working for students? T – I represent the students to the BoG, not vice versa. I have to be very careful to represent students. Tristan had no question for Crystal.

1:34 – “Being on BoG will make my life easier.” -Tristan Markle

1:31 – Why can’t SUS change it’s designation from a Racing Club. Keg talks about imprisoning all students in the USB 2.0. Finally, a candidate that wants to fulfill line one of the AMS constitution:

To promote, direct, and control all student activities of The University of British Columbia.

Tristan craps all over the crappy AMSLink. Kudos!

1:29 – A question about the free water. Tristan says that the WF is the best joke candidate because it is about a real issue. Aren’t they also supposed to be funny. Crystal – continue with current work. She’ll work HARDER, FASTER – WATER SOONER!

1:28 – “Blog your secret passions.” – Arianna Huffington.

1:26 – How will you improve entertainment options? Everyone says something pretty meh, except for the Keg, who will blogify some jam spaces!

1:24 – To Tristan – You want a unified bus loop. Why? Tristan gives a history of negotiations, the very good reasons why the loop and SUB should be connected.

1:23 – To Crystal – How can you claim that you can represent the Silent Majority? By engaging more people in more streamlined consultations.

1:22 – Tristan – my hard line approach has gotten results. Crystal – I will be more effective, because I listen and I don’t butt heads needlessly.

1:20 – Why don’t students vote? Keg. Wait, J-Mac. We need to improve turnout, and we could implement a disincentive program for not voting, like an Engagement Levy (more on this in coming days).

1:18 – How can you solve problems in SAC if you want to do it all? Crystal – This was an omission from my platform – I want to connect to clubs.

1:17 – Why should we be lobbying more now in the provincial election year? (The question was more nuanced than that.) Tristan – We can influence both parties.

1:16 – What role do prop-candidates play? Waterfountain – bring issues forward, like water fountains.

1:14 – What one issue will make your term a success. Keg – getting rid of democracy, but my term will be indefinite. Crystal – SAC. Make clubs that have to deal with SAC happy with SAC. Tristan – the new SUB. It’s huge. Monstrously big! Waterfountain – more water fountains than bottled water vending machines.

1:12 – Tristan: FARMFARM. We have changed the U-Blvd plans! Successes!

1:09 – VP Admin switchover. Crystal is hidden entirely behind the Keg on my video. Almost killed my video camera plugging it in. Missed the opening statements in the video. Damn.

1:04 – Sonia: I am the only candidate who has the experience to get things done! Nothing ever gets done at the AMS, and I will bring change!
David: Experience isn’t everything – I have the skills and personality to do this job well.
Johannes – I am passionate about academics (eyes bug out a little here). I have experience doing this, will make the best use of the university.
Jeremy – If the best use of university resources is your priority, don’t vote for me (I will take that under advisement). I care about sustainability, the farm, and childcare.

1:02 – Amalgamation. David Nogas is pro-amalgamation…. Boo! Johannes is anti-amalgamation, talks about need for representation on Translink. Jeremy is pro-amalgamation, because city oversight can control the BoG. Sonia talks about the Suzanne Anton amalgamation motion, but makes no firm commitments.

1:00 – Jeremy Wood claims that business is not the way forward to sustainability. Any development is unsustainable! No Condos! Don’t build anything ever again!

12:57 – Jeremy wants a moratorium on all Market and Retail development until student needs are met. Johannes talks about how student needs come first, childcare needs to be matched with development and increasing enrollment. David said something that apparently led AJ to let Johannes respond about the need for balance, or development will take over. Sonia talks about getting more people out to consultations.

12:54 – Johannes gets called about crapping all over Sprotshaw. Johannes defends the differences between BA programs and Diplomas. Jeremy has friends that go to a completely different institution.

12:50 – Experience question. Everyone can find something in the bin of their time of UBC! YAYY! Jeremy: FARMFARMFARMFARM! Talks about the MetroVancouver resolution, jeopardy of the current farm (which is somehting that not enough people have a grasp on, I think). Johannes mentioned the Arts-Commerce degree program – he definitely seems to be more academically focused. A shout out to the Arts side of that A-C program inititave – AUS Academic Coordinator Jack Hind Smith.

12:49 – I catch a glimpse out of something moving out of my left eye. It’s a plant – a small spruce, with a card that says “Excuse me, I have a question for Tim Chu.” I’ll try and get a picture.

12:47 – Farm! FARM! FARM! Jeremy: FARMFARMFARMFARM! FAAAAAARM! Clearly something he’s passionate about.

12:44 – What is your opinion on retaking classes? Sonia is in favour, and has clearly put some thought into this. David agrees that restrictions should be lifted. Johannes craps all over Sprotshaw Community College. Jeremy also agrees with lifting restrictions.

12:40 – Kind of pablum opening statements. AJ picks up on Johannes’ plan to make TAs take the LPI, and Johannes talks about working with the TA Union to make sure that TAs speak English, with a mandatory LPI as one option. Jeremy talks about how it’s descriminatory to make all classes be taught in English!?!? This is probably one of the more surreal statements I’ve heard during the debates. Nogas says that Profs should be held accountable for hiring TAs who can’t speak English.

12:39 – Switchover to VP Academic debate.

12:35 – Concluding statements. Iggy was OK, although included the somewhat recursive phrase, “doing things for real people, getting stuff done”, referring to his involvement in the Liberals. Tim calls Iggy too partisan for going to conventions, which is BS for two reasons – Tim is a partisan himself, and partisanship, so long as it is set aside, can actually be an asset. It certainly was for me.

12:33 – Iggy gives a question to Tim on the difference between next step and end goal lobbying, which was probably more important in terms of the question. Tim answers with the standard end goal argument. Actual contrasts!

12:30 – Stef Ratjen on the Olympics. Iggy says we can’t oppose the Olympics, because they’re coming anyway. Basically pragmatic, but did use the word ‘unacceptable’ once; it’s nice to see hard stances – I think this was about housing access. Tim talks about the need for consultation, gives an answer that did address a number of details about the AMS effect on students.

12:27 – Equity and free speech question from DA. Iggy gives a decent answer about the line between inciting hate and making people uncomfortable. Tim talks about the equity office. Two big piles of happy sounding mush.

12:24 – Hard cap on tuition – what is acceptable? Iggy says 2%, then talks about the provincial lobby group, and holding a conference before the provincial election. Tim reads something from Iggy’s platform, and says that it is a soft cap, I wonder if he was listening, because Iggy was pretty clearly talking about changing the soft cap to a hard cap. He also wants to lower tuition.

12:22 – Tim’s Childcare Centre – Wants it in the new SUB, and it will be affordable. Talks about CSL (Community Service Learning) which I want to find out more about. Iggy gives anecdote about his life in childcare, talks about improving childcare with other AMS portfolios.

12:21 – Financial Aid! Iggy talks about extending the grace period to two years, and ending interest accumulated during the grace period. Tim says student loans don’t improve accessibility.

12:19 – MORE CASA stuff. Consultation? Iggy lays out a plan for making sure students are consulted. Tim wants to educate on problems and consult at the same time, which seems a little counterintuitive, but if we can make sure that the materials are unbiased, it could work.

12:17 – More CASA stuff. RBT question on what the minimum conditions for membership in CASA are. Tim – Change in the voting structure. Iggy – Increased recognition of AMS priorities on conference agendas.

12:11 – CASA/CFS question. Tim talks about his problems with the CASA One Member One Vote system, and some of the problems with the CFS. Tim knows the issue, but didn’t really answer what his plan was, membership wise. Iggy echoes some of the problems with CFS, and AJ supplements the question with one on Iggy’s plan for making a decision by April. He answers with a decent explanation of what he wants to do, and does focus on provincial lobbying. Tim says that there is an exaggerated divide between the CFS and CASA (I don’t really agree…).

12:10 – Question about underage drinking and changing the age of majority. Iggy gives his platform speech, Tim agrees. (This is really good news, because it would improve engagement significantly if it was pushed forward.)

12:07 – Candidates start with their opening statements. Iggy has really improved since the last debate – ie. he has replaced loudness with a good statement. Tim talks about his phobia of busses, which I would think would be concerning for the VPX… Course, you could always drive to the Translink meetings (We did. *cough*).

12:05 – We start with the appointment of equity reps.

The debates are about to begin, and the VPX is up first. I almost missed this debate, becuase I couldn’t find my wallet. However, I care about you, dear readers, so much that I just abandoned it and locked myself out of my house.


2 Responses to “Liveblogging the Jan 23 Debates”

  1. 1 Ashley Elchuk
    January 23, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    I just want to say thanks Matt for doing all these live blogs! I work all the time, and for a nerdy kid who is much more fascinated by campus politics than she should probably be, these entries are great!!

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