Liveblogging the Jan 27 Debate

1:03 – Closing statements. Candidates rehash platforms, reiterate slogans and buzzwords. Mike will be fighting the War on Farm! Moderator asks for applause. Applause given. Everyone shuffles away.

1:00 – CrystalPlant: Can we expect the same level of commitment you [Tristan] have to your sweater on the board given that you are also running for VP Admin? Ans: I would basically be doing the same thing as I’m doing right now. Please wrap up, I want to go watch the Budget. (10 Nerd points to Naylor!)

12:58 – My co-editors first good debate question: What committees would you sit on?
Mike: Property and Planning, would depend on who other Gov is
Tristan: Would INSIST on Property Planning, GVRD/UBC Liasion
Bijan: Governance, Finance
Blake: Governance
Andrew: Property and Planning, Finance

12:53 – Bijan is asked about the Farm recording. Bijan answers with something resembling word vomit. I’ll be putitng something about the endorsement trading later today. He’s again asked about the farm, and he says that he needs to learn more.

12:51 – Bijan asks Tristan and Mike about the documents about the “huge disappointment” experienced by the university over the Request for Expressions of Interest. They defend this as a tactical decision, and that this is part of the negotiations. In Tristan and Mike’s defense, this was what council and the committee told them to do.

12:50 – Blake asks Mike about the Athletics fee, and whether it should be transferred to AMS control. Mike says that the AMS is not equipped to deal with the service providing, but that students should have more say in how the fund is spent.

12:48 – Now it’s Bijan’s turn to talk about communication! YAAAAY! Bijan is going to come to us and ask us what our burdens are.

12:44 – Finally someone asks Blake (although not Tristan) about splitting time commitments between President and BoG. Blake basically dodges the question, declines to answer due to lack of first hand experience, but knows Jeff Freidrich did it. He is right on one thing – he doesn’t know what he’s in for.

“It’s mostly a hangover from the architectural competition.” -Blake Frederick

12:40 – Bijan defends his vote on the transit terminal, and mentions how experience is important, which is unusual, because the question was about the new SUB. Mike tries to come off a little more hardline, talking about being stonewalled by VPs who do bad, bad things. Andrew has a excellent and reasonable statement, but a boring one.

“Sustainability is the biggest buzzword. It’s the most important thing.” -Andrew Carne

12:36 – It’s the Farm Question again. Everyone loves the farm. We love the farm. Bijan talks about how he will save the Farm, (or would have, had FOTF to endorse him). Everyone loves the Farm SO MUCH!

“I love that work Re-FAAAAAARM!” -Preston Manning, AMS President 2010-2011

12:33 – Andrew Carne again mentions communication, but here it might actually be appropriate. There is a low degree of information dissemination from the Board Chambers, and it would be nice to have a clue what’s going on.

12:30 – Bijan give a funny opening statement about reelection and his whole message, but managed to do it with the tone of his voice rising and falling that made it sound like his whole speech was delivered by Doctor Nick from the Simpsons.

12:29 – Damn it’s cold in here. I wish we could move over the the Gallery.

12:27 – It’s the switchover to the BoG debate. Everyones here this time. (Except a secret candidate. Stay tuned to the RBT.)

“It’s sort of a Call to Arms!” – Paul Korczyk

12:24 – Oh, gawd. With the floor open for questions, nobody comes up to the mic. We move on to closing statements. You’ve heard it all before.

12:21 – Blake asks Paul about market housing, and Paul says that the focus needs to be on Student Housing. His question to Alex was about achievements on Council, who responds with a list of committees, but also mentions that he has other responsibilities beyond his seat on council – he does admit that he has done less than Blake as an AVP.

1:16 – Alex asks Paul about communication. And Paul talks about communication. OOH! Blogify. Sadly, no Bingo today. Paul asks Alex about communication. Alex talks about communication. I kind of wonder, with a new SUB, a provincial election, and a university in economic crisis with cuts coming down the tube, how the hell did Communication and Equity become the issues that are getting the most airtime in this election.

12:14 – Alex asks Blake about his broad focus and perhaps unfocused campaign. Blake’s answer is “We need to try, at least”. I do worry a little that Blake is trying to do way too much – his platform is very ambitious, and he’s also running for BoG.

12:13 – The number one priorities for the candidates are A New SUB for Blake, educational quality for Alex and (surprise!) communication for Paul.

“People on the inside know a little too much about whats going on.” -Paul Korczyk

12:09 – Alex comes down on a pro education focus message, as well as one of engagement. Paul is once again focusing on communication with students.

12:08 – Opening statements. Blake’s campaign seems to be focusing in on a message: “I am experienced and not crazy”. It’s a good one, because he draws contrasts and addresses one of the biggest criticisms of him.

Well, here I am at the converstaion pit at five after twelve, and … turnout is poor. That said, I’ve finally figured out how to video edit, so you can catch this and the other debates online later today. Candidate interviews will be going up soon as well, as soon as I get them fully edited and finished.


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