Liveblogging the All Candidate’s Debate

2:11 – And that’s a wrap. This is the end of liveblogging debates. We hope to return in some liveblog form for the results party.

2:06 – Closing statements. Paul notes that he has the ability to stay calm and level headed, a good trait for this job. Alex says that he can manage conflicting interests by building a good team. He sounds very Commerce-Team Building-Cooperate Culture, but this is a good thing. The President needs to coordinate the team, and there is a reason they teach the team building in business school – it works. Blake talks about his experience within the AMS, and his knowledge of the issues. He is very “knowledge is power”, and this has some merit. If he wins, I hope Blake can balance that with his quite obvious passion for the issues.

2:05 – Blake: I will not have to adjust to a bigger commitment, because the AMS has already taken over my life.

2:04 – Best question EVAR! If one of your executives, shortly after being elected, lights the Knoll on fire while voting for themselves a dozen times. What would you do?

2:03 – Paul would not leave his job as an RC.

“My Paul’s exclusively for Question.”-Alex Lougheed

2:01 – Is Condorcet good? Everyone says yes.

2:00 – When I am drinking a beer, I am drinking:
Paul: Granville Island Winter Ale.
Blake: alongside a Havana club.
Alex: God’s gift to Humanity.

1:57 – Question re. DAP, and if they lack representation. Paul would launch an investigation. The problem with this is that, given the last information we had, they don’t want this. They need to give us an indication that they want to have these services, more than just the club.

1:55 – MOST AWESOME INTRODUCTIONS EVER! Video ASAP. (Actually, this time. Now that I’ve fixed my computer, they should be going up soon. Sorry.)

1:53 – Iggy apparently has Xtreme Xperience in Lobbying! Tim has experience, Iggy is new blood.

1:49 – How will you use the Lobbying fund? Iggy would use the money to raise awareness, and trying to make sure that people understand external issues. Dalhousie has a good site about this. Tim wants to work toward the election.

1:45 – How will you convince the Feds to give UBC money? Iggy: We need the money to make sure that UBC maintains it’s place on the world stage. Tim: I would emphasize UBC’s size, and would invite the Federal Government to his geography class.

1:44 – Tim says that the AMS is one of the largest student organizations on campus.

“My third aunt was kidnapped by a pirate.” -Tim Chu

1:37 – Candidates give some pretty standard closing statements. Blake wants to be President and BoG, and says that this would help.  We at the RBT disagree – split time helps nobody. Mike speaks quickly. Very, very quickly. Tristan says that you need different skills, like campaigning, advocacy, lobbying, mobilization of students, mobilization of groups… I wonder if there are others that are not all the same thing. Andrew Carne makes the argument that he is the biggest nerd at the table, having gone to Board for years, and that he has a track record in Engineering.

1:36 – Andrew Carne mentions Darren Peets.

1:34 – Mike will continue to work for students by continuing to ignore his academics. VFM coordinator gives RBT Starburst.

1:32 – Candidates talk about the importance of consulting with groups of students, and with the AMS. Blake wants to talk directly with students, although doesn’t really articulate how he wants to do this. Andrew will BLOGIFY!

1:29 – Mike says, accurately, tht the AMS and Board reps have a very integrated and collaborative relationship with the AMS. I am pretty sure that most of the folks up at the table are not fans of the job (ignoring council being a beef I personally had) that the current reps have been doing.

1:27 – Andrew makes a fairly insightful comment about framing arguments such that the financial bona fides are unimpeachable.

1:25 – Tristan uses the word ‘balance’, and all UBC breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Most interesting interesting fact: “Before I came to UBC, I used to work with death row prisoners in Jamaica.”

1:22 – The BoG debate starts. Candidates are asked to arrange themselves in order of hair-curliness. Bijan is not here. Neither is my candidate.

1:19 – Both candidates make an experience argument for their closing statements. I think that Ale’s was probably a bit stronger, as it was focused on student life as well as finance.

1:18 – What shoes would you buy for the budget? Both would buy new shoes. Tom’s would be the cheapest runners in town. Sophia Haque bought new shoes for the Budget. Brittany Tyson said she got some flip flops, but I don’t know if she wore them during the presentation.

1:15 – Ale thinks that the restructuring of FinCom should be reversed, because there is not enough people to service all the clubs. (It’s taken far too long for people to come around to this way of thinking.)

1:13 – Would you vote for the US Bailout? Tom says yes. Ale says that public funding is important for students, and for that (?) reason would vote for it.

1:12 – Ale wants to focus on funding student initiatives. Tom wants to fund the Green Shift (It lives on!).

‘The job can be done without you. What can you add?” -AJ Johal

1:11 – Finance (then BoG, X, Prez). Candidates start – Tom is Czech, Ale takes photos.

1:06 – Final pitches. Johannes focuses on development in his platform. Jeremy says that he has the experience to fight for students. David fights the War on Fun, and thinks that we need to build a U-Brew on campus. Sonia gives another emotional statement about how she will work hard for students.

‘We need to work, not together with the administration, but we need to fight for students.” -Jeremy Wood

1:01 – Rory Green asks a question that is probably designed to test if Jeremy can say anything nice about Johannes. Sonia is getting really choked up in the answer, and encourages that people vote for Jeremy if not for her. Johannes says nice things about Jeremy, and they hug. Jeremy ‘admires [Johannes’] ambition’, though admits that he was going to say that ‘you have a nice website’.

12:58 – How will you improve academic life. Networking is pushed by Johannes. I feel like I have to correct him – it’s not ‘VP Academics’, but rather ‘VPs Academic’. Jeremy is already calling Alex his predecessor – perhaps a little presumptuous. Sonia gives an amazing answer – “you can learn more from your fellow students than from professors”.

12:56 – Experience Question. If you care about this, you should read their websites.

12:53 – What happens if you don’t get elected? Jeremy would like to work with the Academic Office (depending on who’s elected – again, lay off), or run for Council. Johannes would stay involved in the CUS, take some time for himself. Sonia will work with her seat on Senate (and I think she has a good plan for that – her academic side of the platform is good). David will graduate, and escape.

12:50 – After a brief internet problem, the engagement question! The only thing that really stood out about this is that Jeremy completely arbitrarily slammed Johannes in a continuation of the most disgusting campaign that I have ever seen in student politics history. He should smarten up.

“I guess I have a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do” -Sonia Purewal

12:47 – The VP Academic race starts up. David arrives just as it starts. Jeremy talks about making this a student experience. Johannes reveals that he was actually born in Kentucky.

12:39 – Two minute closing statements. AJ’s just giving away the time today. Tristan gives an interesting (and slightly revisionist) version of history where he takes credit for the complete reform of University Square. I admit that he has a significant role in it. Crystal gives a decent statement about making the SUB, and the AMS student centered. Keg talks about campus spirit, and the student engagement problem, and asks for everyone’s number two vote, if not their number one. The Waterfountain talks about Ike Barber, and how his building has fountains.

12:35 – How will you fix SAC? The Keg is funny as always, and it’s really possible that he could win this election. Crystal, for someone who has made this a centerpiece of her platform, has a weaker answer – I would have liked more thoughts on how service delivery can be improved. She does improve somewhat in the follow-up.

12:31 – Tristan asked why Brian Sullivan said at Council last night that SUB negotiations are stalled. His answer, and one that I agree with, is that he was following the directions of Council with regard to Architects and Project Management. Crystal responds by saying that she will be following the direction of Council as well.

12:29 – Crystal asked why Tristan needs to be replaced. In an orgy of sentence fragments, she basically states that she wants to have a new perspective when looking at the building. Tristan’s rebuttal is good.

12:27 – I’m looking around because the debate is boring, and I think that Irving K. Barber himself is lurking around at the back of the room. I hope he likes how we’re using it.

12:24 – The VP Admin debate finally starts, and audio problems abound. Tristan was in the washroom apparently. Crystal adds a new point to her platform: she will personally take all leaflets handed to her. Also, the Waterfountain is apparently transgendered.

Well, here we are at the Ike Barber Centre, in what was a really well intentioned attempt to attract more people. It appears as if this was successful, but things got off to a bit of a late start.


2 Responses to “Liveblogging the All Candidate’s Debate”

  1. 1 t-dawg.
    January 29, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    i know my comment saying that my third aunt was kidnapped by pirates sounds really bizarre. well, it, in fact, is true. my third aunt was one of the boat people leaving Vietnam after the war and while sailing to Malaysia, pirates boarded the ships and kidnapped her. we’ve never heard from her since.

  2. 2 radicalbeer
    January 30, 2009 at 9:24 am

    I assumed that it was something like that. Unfortunately, you didn’t win the Most Interesting Interesting Fact competition. That honour goes to Tristan.

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