the RBT endorses: Board of Governors

The Position and Issues

The Board of Governors is de-facto the highest governing body at the University. Board members have instant access to all the strategic decision makers of the institution, and can really direct change all through the organizational chart. Many students only see the meeting-aspect of board member’s responsibilities, but an effective board rep’s work will mostly be done behind closed doors, convincing leaders to lead in a way that benefits students. An effective board representative will work within the structures that be to change the structures that be, instead of jumping in front of the bus. The big issues in these portfolios over the next year are: the Campus Plan, Strategic and Academic Planning, Recession Budgeting, West-of-Blanca Governance.

The Ballot

  • Andrew Carne
  • Michael Duncan

The Reasons

We believe that the AMS Executive should not serve on the Board of Governors. It dilutes student representation, spreads executive time too thin, removes the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of board lobbying, and has been shown to be a burden on the society at times (see: executive 07/08). As such, we a priori cannot support Blake Federick or Tristan Markle.

Andrew Carne was an easy choice for us. Andrew’s dedication to improving the university for students is immediate. He is one of the most well respected individuals we know within the circles that know him. His dedication to the EUS in its Admin role has seen two organization-changing referendums go through, including most recently the funding for a Ladhaesque building for engineering students. He has a stellar attendance record as a guest at board meetings, understands the variety of interests at play, and always has impassioned, yet excellently reasoned opinions. He will fill the needed role of policy-wonk on the board.

Michael Duncan is who we’ve decided to support for the position of the PR board rep. We like the work Mike has done with the AMS, and we like how he’s managed to maintain strong relationships within the administration while at the same time getting strong, student-focused results. He would compliment Andrew well, playing the extroverted strategy guy, while Andrew develops the stances. We think Bijan would do a good job as well, but we disagree with his rhetoric when it comes to the SUB project.


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