the RBT endorses: other elections

Voter Funded Media

The Position and Issues

VFM money should go towards beer. This is why VFM was created in the first place (and we should know – one of our editors was on Turbo-Democracy-Committee). After a while, the Knollogarchy started to realize they could embezzle this elaborate booze fund and use it to fund their biannual rag, but the people will have no more of it!

The Ballot

Radical Beer Tribune: $2000
Devil’s Advocate: $2000

The Reasons

We have formed an unholy pact with the Devil’s Advocate to throw an epic party if selected winners. All profits from VFM will go towards a wicked public party for the support received. Beats embezzlement, doesn’t it?

The Ubyssey Board of Directors

The Position and Issues

The Ubyssey has two arms: a business arm and an editorial arm. Our campus paper, to put it lightly, sucks balls when it comes to scale compared to our national peer schools. Case in point, the Ubyssey publishes about half the material than the Peak does per week. This is because of an aging business arm of the paper which is stopping it from growing in to the modern age.

The Ballot

No for everybody.

The Reasons

If everyone is voted out, then a byelection will be forced, and we can stack the ballot in a coup d’état. Seriously, we have it on good word that this is needed.

Student Legal Fund Society

The Position and Issues

Four score and one bonfire ago, some students when faced with the dichotomy of “extinguished bonfire” or “prison”, somehow chose both. Lo-and-behold, the justice system costs money. Instead of fundraising, those associated with this event have decided to undermine the principle behind the student legal fund’s administration–independence for sober thought–and if elected, will likely just allocate the fund to this cause. After all, when democracy isn’t working, it’s best to use it for selfish gains. The fund needs to be more active, we agree on that point, but it needs to be used on issues for all students (such as parking class-actions, residence evictions, blockades to students voting, unjust expulsions, academic discipline), not a self-righteous few. We should be vigilant to make sure our money is being spent wisely, and that might mean taking action if the SLFS steps outside the very narrowly defined terms in its mandate.

The Ballot

CJ Liu
Colin Simkus
Aaron Sihota
Arash Amouzgar
Gordon McCullough
Wladimiro Woyno

The Reasons

This is more of an anti-ballot than anything. The above people we could find no/minimal association with the bon fire incident.


3 Responses to “the RBT endorses: other elections”

  1. January 30, 2009 at 6:35 am

    Peak link is the old site, new site is http://www.the-peak.ca

    – Joey

  2. February 3, 2009 at 10:41 am

    To Matt, or whoever wrote this:

    Don’t presume to know anything about how the business arm of the Ubyssey is run. You don’t know anything. The fact that our paper is staying afloat even in the midst of an economic crisis is more than laudable – so too is the fact that even at the worst of times, the Ubyssey can get more than eight pages.

    I don’t know what “good word” you’re getting but there’s no way anyone saying that can know what they’re talking about.

  3. 3 It'sACampusConspiracy!
    February 3, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Is someone still a little pissy about not winning a position? Clearly it’s a conspiracy!

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