the RBT endorses: Senate

The Ballot


(Geoff Costeloe and Sonia Purewal acclaimed)

The Reasons

Only two people ran for these five at-large spots. We’re still trying to figure out what will happen to the three vacancies. The current leading theories are:

  1. A by-election is held after this round of elections.
  2. AMS council, by resolution vote, appoints the vacancies.
  3. Acclamation seats are offered to Senators from the year prior, in order of most-votes received.

We think the first will actually happen, and would be the best option, though we believe the rules say the second should. The third option guarantees our editor’s reign as democracy at UBC.


3 Responses to “the RBT endorses: Senate”

  1. 1 Darren
    January 29, 2009 at 6:26 am

    University Act:

    36(2) The term of office of a member of the senate elected under section 35 (2) (h), 35.1 (2) (h) or (3) (h) or 35.2 (2) (h) or appointed under section 35.2 (2) (k) is one year and after that until a successor is elected.

    So people stick around if need be.

    1999 Senate election policy (likely replaced by Council of Senates policy, although that’s likely not hugely different):

    2(a) Where there is an insufficient number of nominations for student representatives to the Senate from the student bodyat-large, the seats must be filled by the incumbent at-large representatives who choose to remain in office, beginning with the incumbent who received the most votes in the previous election. If there is an insufficient number of incumbents willing or able to serve again, the replacement procedures in Item 10b apply.

    So this is how people stick around. If they don’t stick around,

    10(b) If an incumbent student senator resigns or ceases to be a duly registered student during his/her one-year term of office the following replacement procedures apply:

    Student representatives from the student bodyat large – Senate must appoint a replacement on the written recommendation of the AMS Student Council.

    So, assuming nobody made substantive changes a couple years back, and the AMS is still named for the purposes of UBC-V, the five at-large senators are asked, in order of votes recieved, whether they’ll stay on Senate; if less than three agree, AMS Council picks people to fill the other seat(s). Interestingly, this could be seen to violate the University Act’s “elected” stipulation.

  2. 2 radicalbeer
    January 29, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    April 16, 2008 standing rules of the Vancouver Senate:

    13. In such cases where a vacancy exists for an elected Senate position from the faculty,
    professional librarians, or Convocation, the position shall be offered – in the order of the
    number of votes received – to the persons who received the most number of votes in the
    most recent election to that office who were not elected.

    14. If a vacancy cannot be filled by the manner specified in Section 13 above due to lack of
    candidates, or if the position is as a student senator, it shall be filled:
    a. In the case of student senators, by resolution of the Student Council of the Alma
    Mater Society except for the education student senator, in which case by election;

    The question is whether or not the current situation counts as ‘a vacancy’, and exactly what a ‘vacancy due to lack of candidates’ means. Under the University Act, vacancies only arise upon resignation or election.

    But an interesting question now, there is one acclaimed senator-at-large, and yet five currently serve. Whose seat gets declared vacant?

    I have it on rumor that the Senate secretariat is thinking a bylaw is in order though. I will inquire again.

  3. 3 alox
    January 30, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    I just got informal confirmation that the procedure is 3, until that fails, and then 2.

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