the RBT endorses: VP Academic

You decided it, this is the first of the endorsement series. These posts come in parts: an explanation and context of the portfolio you’re voting on, our Condorcet Ballot, then our rationale.

The Position and Issues

The VP Academic is the student with the most influence over the way the university conducts its business. It’s also the busiest Executive portfolio, having the most breadth of issues under it, as well as a swath of administrative duties. The position political, so we need a candidate that is persuasive and friendly, as well as a candidate that’s strategic and visionary. The big issues in the portfolio over the next year are: the Campus Plan, West-of-Blanca Governance, recession effects on UBC Budgeting, and UBC Academic priorities.

The Ballot

1. Johannes Rebane
2. Sonia Purewal
3. David Nogas
4. Jeremy Wood

The Reasons

Johannes is our first choice. He has the most related experience, having done the role for the CUS this past year. He is well respected within that institution, as well as within that Dean’s office, showing he can talk the talk needed to be effective. Related experience can go a long way here, as the University is an extremely complex place and it can take months to learn the players and the history needed to be effective. Reading Johannes platform shows that he understands the history and has a vision for the University. We also appreciate his focus on academics, and are confident he will hire a team that will make up for his weaknesses.

Sonia impressed us with her conduct in debates, but we remain unconvinced. We were explained the issues, instead of the techniques that will be used to solve them. We think she would still be focused on the right issues, and would do a decent job, but we’re more excited about Johannes.

David is ranked third because he impressed us in his interview. David came off poorly in debates, but seems to be excited about the job and has some interesting and creative ideas that have the potential to change the AMS for the better. He doesn’t have a track record in student politics though, so if he were elected, he’d hit the learning curve like a vertical concrete slab. We love Starcraft though, and hope that tourney happens anyways (so we can 6pool our way to victory).

Jeremy dropped out of the race on this blog. To us, he’s still out. We afraid he will burn bridges built over the past four years, which are needed to get efficient change within UBC. He comes off as articulate in person, but his painting of other candidates as devil-like, without giving cause, gives us enough concern to rank him last.


1 Response to “the RBT endorses: VP Academic”

  1. 1 Joey S
    January 29, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Great choice, RBT. Johannes will win this handily and do our university proud.

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