the RBT endorses: VP Administration

The Position and Issues

The VP Administration is going to be facing a massive challenge in the next year. They must restart a stalled SUB negotiation, and make sure that the interests of students are not beaten down by a relentless University Administration negotiating team, as well as continue to manage SAC and the other responsibilities of the VP Admin, of which there are few. The only issue in the portfolio over the next year is: the New SUB Project.

The Ballot

  1. Kommander Keg
  2. Tristan Markle
  3. Crystal Hon
  4. Water Fountain

The Reasons

First off, the Kommander is filled with beer. This alone is enough to secure our endorsement. We also think that the Kommander was, far and away, the funniest of all the joke candidates. However, the Kommander also has a message that he has brought forward, one of engagement and fighting the War on Fun that the other candidates do not come close to matching. Beyond that, we have already seen quick action by the Keg with the recent annexation of Buchanan Tower. If the Keg wins, we hope he serves.

Tristan Markle is the most experienced of the candidates, and the most capable of carrying on the negotiations. He’s got a strong head on his shoulders, and will always have what he believes is students’ interest in mind. The relationship between Tristan and the University is an interesting one, and needs to be balanced by a centrist President, in a good cop/bad cop arrangement. He will continue to do a good job in the portfolio, and has proven that he has the operative experience that will give us the best chance to get us the best deal on the SUB.

Crystal is a capable woman, but she doesn’t have the experience of Tristan. Her platform is much more focused on the structure of SAC and the AMS relationship with clubs than Tristan, which could be incredibly dangerous for the VP Administration. The SUB Project will take up 80% of this person’s time, and some of Crystal’s material does not even mention it, and we unfortunately can’t support that.

The Water Fountain has a good point – there do need to be more fountains on campus, but those fountains should be filled with beer above 0 proof.


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