the RBT endorses: VP External

We continue our countdown toward the debate with another in the RBT endorsement series. These posts come in parts: an explanation and context of the portfolio you’re voting on, our Condorcet Ballot, then our rationale.

The Position and Issues

From the time that the new VP takes office through to the middle of May, there is only one issue in this portfolio – The Provincial Elections. Getting students to vote in a regular election was proven to be difficult enough this year, but this VPX has a much greater challenge: influencing political parties and informing students for an election that happens twelve days after we all go home for the summer. This is going to take some considerable organizational capacity. The other issues in the year are: The CASA Question, the Olympics, Provincial Lobbying Organizations, the Federal Election (?), and Student Funding in an Economic Downturn.

The Ballot

1. Iggy Rodriguez
2. Tim Chu
99. Kings Head
99. Fire

The Reasons

Both candidates would do a good job at this portfolio, but our top choice is iRod himself, Iggy Rogruigez. Iggy threw together one of the most active and impressive campaigns in a very short amount of time. Iggy also seems to have a good grasp of the issues in the portfolio (he is less experienced but has learned a lot in this race) and he is bang on when he talks about timelines for CASA, reforming Student Financial Aid, and Provincial Organizations. However, the style here is the most important. Iggy has a platform and a method of politicing (Next Step Lobbying) which will help build the AMS’s political capital, and when how effective you are at your job depends on your access to politicians, this is paramount.

Tim is someone who has a good idea of where he wants to take the organization, and anyone who says that he isn’t passionate about these issues just hasn’t been paying attention. We also are happy to see that the candidates from both sides of the political spectrum are not separated by the massive ideological gulf of last year. However, Tim has a very broad platform, some of it not within the portfolio, and a philosophy of lobbying (End Goal Lobbying) which could as likely alienate as convince the people we need most on our side. His plan for lower tuition specifically is unrealistic, and I worry about wasting time and resources tilting at windmills during an economic downturn, when the VPX’s time could better be spent elsewhere.

We appreciate the strong efforts by the joke candidates, Fire and the Kingshead, but we still don’t understand their platforms.


3 Responses to “the RBT endorses: VP External”

  1. January 29, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Although its happening as part of the provincial elections, you should also not forget that the referendum on changing BC’s voting system to BC-STV is also a major issue. It’s particularly important for students. As you point out student turnout to provincial elections is quite low, it has been show over and over that more proportional voting systems and STV in particular greatly increase the turnout at the polls. Minority voices are also heard much more clearly with the increased choice STV allows. So students have a lot to gain from this revolutionary change to our democracy which could spread across the country if it is successful and thus effect the rest of their lives. So hopefully the AMS will also consider the referendum as a separate part of the BC election activities.

    While both Iggy and Timothy are in favour of electoral reform but FairVoteUBC has found after talking to both of them that Timothy is more passionate about this issue.

    They also completely disagree with your equal ranking of Fire and the King’s Head, putting Fire a clear rank 3 ahead of the head. There is no comparison between Fire’s experience and openness to anyone whereas the king’s head is a symbol of old dead politics and frankly, he’s starting to smell.

    go vote!

  2. 2 Rory
    January 29, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    “Iggy threw together one of the most active and impressive campaigns in a very short amount of time.“

    I respectfully disagree with that.

  3. 3 Kommander Keg
    February 2, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    The Kommander would have to agree with Ratel about the King’s Head and Fire. Not only is 99 not an option in this electoral system, it is also severely downplaying the importance of beer and combustion in the VP External portfolio.

    Just look at last year, there was plenty of fire in the portfolio, at least when it came to the Executive. And beer is the lifeblood of student politics, as are live music, pub food, and dilapidated buildings.

    So shame on you RBT for not endorsing the lifeblood of student politics.

    And to Ratel, I wouldn’t worry about STV, it won’t matter once the Kommander gets elected.


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