the RBT endorses: VP Finance

The VP Finance race is always the most boring of all the races. It’s kind of like how Foreign Policy is always way more exciting than Monetary Policy. However, we find this particular race interesting, because this VP will be the VP who the Arts Undergraduate Society needs to get ACF debt repaid. That said, both candidates have taken the ACF Pledge, so this race is once again, boring.

The Position and Issues

The VP Finance is responsible for the SUB’s businesses, sustainability and the AMS’s financial planning. During slate-era AMS, the portfolio was often neglected and viewed as a liability to the well-being of the society, and staff took over much of it and put down locks. The AMS has matured since those days, and it’s up to the VP Finance to take more control. We think someone whose willing to question ancient bureaucracies, and someone who understands how modern business works will do the best job here. The big issues in the portfolio over the next year are: business migration to New SUB, modernation of AMS financial structure, sustainability.

The Ballot

  1. Tom Dvorak
  2. Ale Coates

The Reasons

Tom is a candidate who brings an almost rabid enthusiasm for the job to his campaign. After only one and a half years at the university, he has been the vice chair of a conference and is taking a degree that is strongly tied with the portfolio. His platform is well thought out, and focuses on things that do need improvement in terms of our businesses. Finally, Tom has concrete deliverables in his platform, which will keep him from drifting aimlessly from issue to issue without really getting anything done. Tom also comes in from the outside, but with perspective of real-world best practices, which is needed in the finance portfolio. AMS systems are archaic, and he seems to be the candidate of reform.

Ale is also a strong candidate, but her platform is much broader and values-based than her competitor’s. Some of the things that have come out of the SAC that she was the Vice Chair of have implied that she sees value in directing the activities of clubs, including encouraging creating positions on the club executives that are focused on specific issues, which comes dangerously close to violating club autonomy. We believe in clubs that can run their own affairs their own way (notwithstanding financial/constitutional accountability), and if you try to undermine that, we will undermine you. We also believe in beer.


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