chief justice overturns slating, dismisses bias, dislikes liveblogging

The results of the Election Appeals Committee have just been released. They are as follows:

Frederick et al v. AMS EC

The Judge overruled the ruling of the Elections Committee, under part C of the filing rules, which can find that the Elections Committee acted in an unfair manner, here meaning that unclear statements would constitute that. This also means that the EC did not deviate from procedures, impose inconsistant penalties, fail to consider evidence and

“… there was no malice, malfeasance or ill intent …”.

Also notable:

“The decision of the EAC is based on the fact that no member of the EAC could determine what was slating …”.

Durgan et al v AMS EC

Both complaints were dismissed. The EC did not act with bias.

On a personal note, if any of the statements I made during the liveblog were factually incorrect, I do apologize. I do the best I can trying to get everything down on the page quickly, and any mistakes I make are purely unintentional. If you spot an innacuracy, please let the RBT know.


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