the SUS elections: first impressions

The All Candidates Meeting for the Science Undergraduate Society happened Friday, and I have to say that I am surprised at how many people are running. Since I don’t really care about the internal operations of SUS, I will leave any such commentary for Alex, if he deigns to post on it. I will be covering the important elections, President and AMS Rep.

That, and the fact that there is nothing to cover in the other races. Of the ten executive spots in SUS,  fully five (HALF!) of them are Yes/No acclamation votes (Internal, External, Admin, Finance, SoCo). One of them is uncontested (Publications). Only Sports, Public Relations and Science Student Senator have contested races. I think this means something, and while I don’t know what exactly this means, I am pretty sure it isn’t good. More on this later.

First off, the Elections Committee is good. I know Grace Truong from when we lived approximately five meters apart in Hamber House in first year. She cheers for the Canucks.  Jamil is also on the committee, as is someone who I don’t know, but they excreted an air of confidence.

President – First Past the Post

  • Sonia Purewal: No Comment. Thumper’d.
  • Tagh Sira: I don’t know much about this guy, but I met him for something like ten seconds at the AMS admin office. The rumour mill has spit out some good and bad things about him, but if he wants our endorsement, he’s going to get on Facebook or put some information up somewhere.
  • Jimmy Yan: Well, Jimmy has the edge on experience, no question about that. He’s been involved since first year, has worked for Safewalk and SUB Security, and was the VPI of SUS this past year. I would guess that he is the frontrunner, but he shouldn’t underestimate Sonia’s campaign machine – while she lost the AMS VP-AU race, she did place first against a number of AMS folks last year who had higher profiles.

AMS Reps – First (Second Third and Fourth) Past the Post

  • Tahara Bhate: Tahara one of two incumbents running, and if she doesn’t win, there is no justice in the world. She’s been one of the most effective councilors around the table, and has been really pushing on transit advocacy. She’s smart, committed, and Council needs her.
  • Maria Cirstea: Maria is on the way to being one of the biggest Hacks the AMS has ever seen, and we love her for it. She needs to come out with a good platform, but new blood is good for the AMS, or it stagnates.
  • Kristen Ford: Burn, baby, burn! After an, in all honesty, not particularly funny joke candidacy in the VP External race, this SUS technocrat is doing something a little more serious, which I think is more her speed. She’s been involved in RBF stuff as well.
  • Arielle Friedman – I can’t find anything about her online, which really has got to change. In lieu of that, Ariel, by Dean Friedman. Maybe Arielle can make us fall head over heels in love with her at the Volunteer Ambulence Corps Dance. In all honesty, I might just support her becuase she made me find this song…
  • Sonia Purewal: No comment.
  • Iggy Rodriguez: After a dissapointing finish in the VPX race, Iggy is back. Notable is the fact that he has to go around campus washing off all his chalk, because chalking is prohibited in SUS elections.
  • Andrea “Jre” Sarenac: The current SoCo VP Social for the Computer Science Student Society. She has some people reporting to her.
  • Aaron Sihota: Aside from the fact that it’s probably about time that Aaron graduated (I mean, he was on SUS Council the year before I even got to UBC), he’s a well intentioned guy.
  • Bryan Tomlinson: Current Director of Administration of SUS. Don’t really know much about what he want’s to do on the AMS, but DoA of SUS to AMS is a jump that seems to happens often (Naylor, Lougheed…)
  • Justin Yang: Of the Spectators. I am going to point out that once you join the group, you aren’t just watching anymore, so a name change might be in order. Or you could just come over to the dark side.

One final note on the AMS reps, since I can’t find this anywhere, last years election results were:

Sonia Purewal = 306
Clark Funnell = 289
Tahara Bhate = 280
Chris Tarantino = 270

Raymond Pan = 243


2 Responses to “the SUS elections: first impressions”

  1. March 1, 2009 at 11:58 am

    If by the dark side, you mean the RBF – I’m already a card-carrying member.

  2. 2 F. Hydrant
    March 1, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    I believe the RBF also supports pale, amber, and lager. Although dark certainly is tasty…

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