some random jazz, first SUS endorsement

First, let’s get something time sensitive out of the way.

The RBT endorses Tahara Bhate for AMS Representative!

Tahara has served on Council for two years already, and institutional memory is important. One of the reasons that the AMS is able to be so effective is a comparatively low rate of turnover compared to other Student Associations. However, Tahara represents much more than that. She has put an incredible amount of work into what is, many times, a thankless job. She isn’t doing it for her resume – there isn’t a lot of crossover in the fields of professional biochemistry and professional lobbying – she’s doing it because she can make a contribution.

And believe me, she’s made a contribution. During my term as VPX, Tahara was instrumental in securing a meeting on the Translink Bill with the Minister of Transport. She has been working hard on the passups.com campaign. She has sat on innummerable committees, and knows where her skills will best be put to use. Her platform is solid, but, in all honesty, everyone has a good looking platform when they run – it’s what you do after you’re elected that counts. Tahara has proven that she can deliver.

Science has been well served by this dedicated individual. She knows her stuff, and will put in the work to make sure your voice is heard. For Tahara, all we can say is FOUR MORE TERMS! FOUR MORE TERMS! FOUR MORE TERMS!*


I’m currently at home in Calgary desperately trying to finish the crapload of work that I’ve let build up/is intrinsic in taking too many courses, and have been pushing on that particular sea of paper for the past week, so I beg your indulgence in the lack of posts.

I hope to be getting the rest of the SUS stuff up tomorrow (as tomorrow is the beginning of the voting). Given the reduced organizational capacity, and the lack of money flowing into our pockets from the AMS (we’re waiting…), the Free Beer Garden is probably not organizationally feasible before exams, especially since every single date seems to be chock full of licensed events anyway. Do people want an event AFTER EXAMS IN SUMMER or IN THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR? Comment with preference.

Personally, I would like one in September. While I clearly don’t have enough to do already, I think it would be a cool way to get people interested in the War on Fun and the other things that the RBT is passionate about. However, we promised you a beer garden, so if yall want it around grad, we can try and make that happen – no promises though, as I’m getting half my face cut off halfway through May.

Finally, what do people think of Ads? We’re talking those little Ads by Google things, which would sit in a sidebar or something. We were thinking of including some to give the RBT a slightly more sustainable source of funding. However, the RBT doesn’t want to appear to be corperate sellouts (even if Naylor totally, totally is), so give us your thoughts.

*For these purposes, “Terms” refers to Summer 1, Summer 2, Fall and Spring. I would never wish a full six years of the AMS on someone. That would be just cruel.


2 Responses to “some random jazz, first SUS endorsement”

  1. 1 Ashley
    March 9, 2009 at 12:40 am

    I say the beer garden in the summer ’cause my student card is valid until August 31, 2009 but come September 1, I am no longer a UBC student. 😦 Why the hell did I work so hard to graduate in 4 years? Geez.

  2. 2 Kommander Keg
    March 10, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    I say everyone read this article, and then think critically about who they want to elect.



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