parking silliness

The class action ruling came down the other day that stated that UBC could no longer charge fines for illegally parking on its property. Even as someone who, to put it lightly, has taken a somewhat laissez faire approach to the traffic regulations on campus, I was not particularly thrilled.

Aside from the Board of Governors, people need to have parking rules applied to them – it’s a matter of common sense, especially on a campus where we want to avoid having cars in certain areas reserved for pedestrians. (Fun fact – a paedostrian is someone who gets around using babies.) Anyway, the $4M is a lot of money for the University. In my mind, this is as much a cut as anything else that has happened over the past couple of years. The only difference is that it’s a different branch of government holding the scalpel.

It’s the government’s fault for not writing the University Act to allow for ticketing. The University is going to, if they lose their appeal, need some bridge financing, and the government better be ready to pony up the four million that has been lost. The government should move quickly to make it legal for the University to levy and collect fines. Not astronomical ones, but fines nonetheless, because we need the order the fines create the order that our pedestrian campus demands, and the University needs the revenue.

If it’s not coming from fines, it’s coming from somewhere else. Probably students.


3 Responses to “parking silliness”

  1. 1 Kommander Keg
    April 13, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    This keg’s biggest beef is with the rates that UBC has set not only for its fines, but for parking in general.

    Compared to Vancouver, even the rest of the Greater Vancouver Area, UBC employs some of the highest rates, which I find completely unreasonable.

    A Parking ticket in the city of Vancouver is $30, same for UBC, which has far less competition for spots, and thus less to lose from a parking violation. And parkades maxing out at $12 a day? You can find better deals in the heart of downtown, its ridiculous. Add to that the hourly rates of parking meters on campus are more than those mere blocks away on 10th Ave.

    Its all dumb, UBC needs to drop its rates, the government needs to let them tickets, and everyone needs to get back to the really worrisome undertone of this whole shindig; the fact that the University does not get enough money from those who’s responsibility it is to keep it running.


  2. 2 Neal Yonson
    April 13, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    I’m confused: are you saying that UBC should be issuing parking tickets to maintain the integrity or campus, or as a cash grab?

    The university is absolutely not innocent in all of this. If UBC Parking had had reasonable parking rates, pragmatic ticketing and a friendly appeals process, they would have been allowed to continue with the status quo indefinitely. UBC brought this lawsuit upon themselves by overcharging, aggressive ticketing and towing legally parked cars, among other things. It seemed like only a matter of time until someone got pissed off enough to fight back. The thought of UBC being given carte blanche in the University Act to give parking tickets doesn’t sit right with me since rather than being fair about it, they will just end up abusing it like before.

  3. 3 radicalbeer
    April 14, 2009 at 11:56 am

    I don’t know what changes have to be made, but I do have to say that the fines that I’ve been ticketed with are not crazy exorbitant, although high. Maintaining order is fine, but I tend to like the ticketing program more as a revenue source. When you don’t care that much either way (people who park illeagally generally know they are doing so, so I don’t have too much ticket sympathy).

    I suppose swhat would be best would be something similar to the fines and penalties like those in Vancouver. (Although the one Vancouver parking fine I’ve had to pay was larger than any UBC ticket).

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