what the hell is going on?

At the peril of this becoming a personal blog, rather than a blog focused on UBC, education and the student movement, I’ll give you a brief update on what is going on in my life, and what this means for the blog.

I will be back in Calgary for about two months, starting today, which means that the postings will either become much more or much less frequent. I’ve wanted to start a couple of summer projects that have to do with web based accountabilty for the AUS and the AMS, as well as painting my car. One of the things that my co-editor has said he’s interested in doing is a Policy Space type diagram using the data from AMS Council’s clicker votes, which clumps people based on similar voting patterns.

I want to look at a way that we can have a kind of robotic Huffington Post style blog aggregator for the multitudious blogs that are covering UBC student politics. If we centralize-decentralizeĀ  (the term I have decided to use for this), we could start bringing in more people to read all the blogs and their different perspectives, and increase engagement.

I dropped off of the RADAR for a while during the election, mostly because I didn’t have time to sleep, much less blog. My candidate appears to have won by a mere two votes, so it’s going to recount.

AMS Council was interesting, although it’s going to be nice to take some time off from it for a month or so. The steady fires of rage are naturally being stoked by this executive, so my preponderance to act as the AMS’s loyal opposition (to oppose is to consider) is going to continue unabated. ACF debt was repaid, and we are moving forward to a much more active, and less cash strapped year. This is going to include starting up an AUS Caucus Blog, so there will be less Inside Baseball here, and more NayloRants.

I hope to bring on some other bloggers to the site, as having this just be me alone is kind of a drag. If you are interested, give me a shout. The only criteria is that we stick to a UBC and Fun focus. Other than that, anything really goes.


1 Response to “what the hell is going on?”

  1. May 20, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    I like the idea of a blog aggregator-syndicator for UBC’s blogs that cover student issues. Let me know if I can help? Cheerio.

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