Transit, Olympics News Roundup

Well, the preparations are well underway for Blogathon. The Facebook group and other things are going to be up tomorrow, so please take a look, and again, please PLEDGE!

There hasn’t been too much in depth analysis of late, in part because I don’t want to run out of ideas next week. This is all going to be very exciting, because I now, due to an interesting conflict, will be blogging through a shift at work. This shouldn’t actually be too much trouble, as I should be able to get the 6 or so posts that I would have had to write written in the preceding hours, but will make my blogathon experience much more interesting.

I did want to point out a couple of things that the AMS is working on, and, (because I believe in credit where credit is due) congratulate the AMS exec on a couple of things. First, this Translink article talking about the lack of representation. I am pleased to see this being picked up again, as last year was wasted talking about the undemocratic nature of the Translink board (when it wasn’t particularly democratic before, although it was comprised of elected officials, and the new board did away with regional parochialism dominating the planning process), while the real issue (UBC representation) was ignored. Tahara and I did a lot of work on this when we were Chair of XPol and VPX respectively, including preparing a list of prospective amendments to the South Coast Regional Transportation Authority Act, and I am happy to see this achievable goal being focused on by the External office.

Secondly, this is great news for free speech on Campus. As someone who is kind of meh on the whole Olympics thing, mostly because I do not have sufficient information to judge what the expected outcomes will be, I have no particular stance. I do note that statements by the RCMP that:

We will respect the Charter where possible.

are probably cause for alarm, but yeah…


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  1. July 17, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Thank you for the positive feedback. It is very well received.

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