Burrard Street Bridge

Congrats to all the guessers below! It was the Burrard bridge.

As we all know by now, City Council under Gregor turned one of the southbound lanes on that bridge into a cycling lane. The spirit of the move was to have two dedicated cycling lanes and one pedestrian one.

Implementation and competency of people to understand that they should cycle with traffic, and that feet are not bikes aside, I’ve used the new lane a fair bit.

Generally, I’m someone who thinks the solution to environmental problems is a fiscal one, and a planning one (and definitely not a society/guilt one, despite how hard Kits tries), and this is an attempt to encourage less car use by making cars more inconvienent.

The obvious problem with that thinking is that for the large number of folk that live in the ‘burbs that drive in to downtown work every day, bikes are completely unfeasible, and so all this ends up doing is increasing drive time on the road–wasting society’s time and wasting the environment.

I suspect the real reason the changeover was made was because the city got sued due to how unsafe the old paths were, and they didn’t want to deal with another one of those. I would take safety over marginal environmental gain anydays.

But oh well. It’s been done, and it’s sure liberating blading over that thing. I highly recommend it.


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