Have we been breathing asbestos and mould?

So, one afternoon in Fairview last summer, as I was watching a lone silverfish scuttle across the floor, I was struck by a thought. If Gage East had cockroaches, and Fairview silverfishes, what else might be polluting the pristine nature of the student residence?

I have wondered, waking up next to a black discolouration that had bespeckeld my windowsill since my move in date, is UBC Housing and Conferences trying to kill me? Now, I am under no impression that UBC Housing is actively trying to kill the spirits of their residents, what will all their changing of residence contracts without the approval of the residents, and the rather repressive attitude that people within the RezLife program seem to have towards fun.

No, I was wondering if there was murder most foul going on.

My interest was piqued by these little signs that they put on the door in residences, on the thin side facing the jam, rather than the hinges, that reads

“This room has been inspected by the UBC Asbestos Management team”

Or something to that effect. But doesn’t actually say that it was clear of asbestos. It’s like Arthur Anderson and Enron: “yeah, we checked”.

So, I put in a FOI with a big batch of AMS FOIs from the Policy Advisor’s office. They were for any environmental assessments that had been done to the residences in the last decade, or, if no environmental assessments have been done in the past decade, the most recent assessments. This happened last summer. Now, regrettably for those people who are interested in seeing this story come to its conclusion, I have not yet seen these documents,

I feel somewhat relieved that I no longer live in Rez, having instead moved to the ZweiHaus, but I have to wonder if there are people with respiratory diseases or sensitivities that could be aggravated to a dangerous state, simply because UBC is not regularly checking the safety of the buildings.


3 Responses to “Have we been breathing asbestos and mould?”

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