riding the rails, attempt 2

I’ve taken a nap and had some fries. The disaster that was my first post of my morning has not been purged, (and in fact is a somewhat ridiculous read – the quality of my writing is rather affected by the amount of sleep I’ve had).

That being said, (and believe me, you’re probably going to be having fun with some of the later posts in the wee hours of the morning) I did want to give another crack at a transit and urban planning post.

I don’t view the Vancouver Transit Network as particualrily bad – sure there could always be improvement – but compared to many other cities around the continent, we do alright for ourselves. Students, being one of the primary patrons of the public transit system, should always be taken into account during planning for events (the Olympics) and future developing.

I’m actually working in the Tri-Cities today, so it seems appropriate to talk about densification. Transit is never going to be able to cover a city like Calgary as it is, so the Tri-Cities, in an attempt to try and prevent the same sprawl situation from happening to the GVRD, have been densifing along what will, theoretically, one day become the Evergreen Line.

Calgary is doing the densification game in hindsight, with the PlanIt Report, with a lot of discussion and pain, to densify and contract the city along notable transit routes. It’s going to take Calgary as long to get out of the urban sprawl mess as it has had to get into it, so I expect that Calgary can start to look like Chicago on the prairies in time for Canada’s bicentennial.

Vancouver needs to do more to protect the business communities along the routes that are along the SkyTrain, but all in all, there is a lot that Vancouver has to be proud of in terms of its transit.

Soviet Spy.


1 Response to “riding the rails, attempt 2”

  1. 1 Neal Yonson
    July 25, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    But will the Evergreen line ever actually get built? It seems like it’s up in the air, with all the conflicting reports from the various funding sources.

    The more problems the Evergreen line has, the worse it looks for a line out to UBC.

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