where are they now? Mark Latham

Mark is the creator of the VFM project, and someone with whom I have had the pleasure of working these last couple of years. I remember first reading Mark’s proposal, and being deadset opposed to it. Now, with growth in the VoterMedia movement, Mark is steaming ahead.

Student societies and municipalities are the first targets – finally, a positive use of Sayre’s Law.

Mark has also been involved in a developing a type of program that allows investors to vote their stock. Abuse of corporate means are, in many circumstances, what got us into the recession mess in the first place. In part due to this, Mark has been appointed to a Securities and Exchange Commission Investors Advisory Panel. They will be meeting on Monday, one which will be webcast LIVE in living colour. The VFM pitch should be just after 1:00PM Eastern Daylight Time.  More information can be found on the Voter Media Blog.

Also, if you’re interested, this is the AMS of UBC Community on VoterMedia.


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