do not tase the passengers

Well, seeing as I’m about three hours from being done, and that 6:00 sunrise is getting more and more inviting. Right now were in this almost too trendy place called the Workspace Cafe on Water Street. There is a lot of white and bare concrete floors – minimalist.

The Braidwood Commission brought down it’s report this week, whech detailed a number of things that the province should be doing in order to make the standards and training for taser usage much, much more onerous.

Taser International has usually been able to beat dissenting individuals into submission through the threat of lawsuits. When they actually show up in court, the governmet is going to be inconvienenced. The government should do a betterjob then it currenly is doing. Luckily for us, that appears to be exactly what Solicitor General Kash Heed said the other night. He will be accepting the set of reccomendations given.

With any luck, given that the RCMP will not immeadeately be applying the Taser rule, the province will form it’s own provincial police force and everything will be hunky dory. I know it was the Greens who were labeling the issue. However, they do this at their peril, as Gordon Campbell seems to have a knack for picking up what will be a vote winner in the ruling, and what will do the opposite. Anyway, the point to this particular excitation come from the very slim but real possibility that the RCMP may cease to be contracted by the BC police authority in they event of non-compliance.

Taser guns have been used on people who have done or would have done mild and petty crimes. They will no longer be able to use them to fell those who scam the system (Galavan, BTW, Binney). The reccomendation is that Tasers continue to be used by police, but the threshhold for the use of a taser is set much, much higher (exclusive to damage in progress when a crime is below x years) than the current regulations, which are onerous and largely unneccecary.


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  1. July 26, 2009 at 3:49 am

    We’re in the home stretch! You can do it!

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