it approaches…

In a mere 2 hours, I will be done blogathon. Three days after that, the AMS Council meeting looms large like an erratic on the horizon. The thing that gets me is that even though I got my motions in on time, they didn’t make it onto the first agenda – they will return (or rather, it, because one has become somewhat obsolete).

No. Topic Naylor Votes Naylor Estimates
1 Equity Reps Yea Passage
2 Approval of Agenda Yea Passage
3 Council Bodies Minutes Unsure Passage
4 Catering Referrals Yea Passage
5 C&CP Policy Rejection Yea Passage
6 Whistler Olympic Pricing Scheme Nay Too Close to Call/Passage
7 VFM Prize Money Reappropriation Yea Too Close to Call
8 Conflict of Interest Code Yea Too Close to Call/Failure
9 Electoral Review Terms Amendment Yea Passage
10 Art Gallery Appropriation Unsure/Nay Passage
11 SAC Minutes Unsure Passage
12 Engagement Levy Yea Too Close to Call/Passage

Just as with any meeting, the vast majority of items are probably going to be non-controversial, with minimal debate. I haven’t had a chance to read through that yet, but I know that most of Council will be paying closer attention to the minutes in the future, seeing how these things can have force and effect. After all, as Mad Eye Moody (and… Thomas Jefferson) said:


I’ll probably be voting against the pricing scheme, unless things start looking dicey, because I would have preferred a higher rate of return. I’d like to see a comparison between the offer that was presented to us 3 years ago for total use of the building for a significant time period, and the amount we will expect to garner in revenue. If there can be a fiscal case made for doing the latter (especially if we let you enter the lottery for beds in … exchange for voting?), I’ll vote for it, but given both the real and fabricated AMS Budget Problems, I would like to explore further options for more money.

The Conflict of Interest motion was originally mine, and I think it is a sound piece of policy. The clause gives opt out provisions to allow for Council to deliberate in its judgement. It places the legislative integrity of a majority of its members as the lynchpin of a system to adjudicate on the Society’s best interest – as all the members are bound by fiduciary duty first to the AMS, the system is legally protected.

The Engagement Levy is a pet project of mine that has met with some mixed reviews. Basically, it is a five dollar fee you get back if you vote. The leftover money is to be used for engagement and accountability projects. However, the very idea of the plan is up for debate, and even though the expected outcomes are good (produce much utility), I expect there to be some strong debate on the issue. Mind you, we’re only referring it to committee, so I wouldnt be so concerned, one way or the other.

My vote on the Art Gallery appropriation is going to be contingent upon whether or not this increased secuity will actually see more of the Art Collection being displayed, and that $43,000 . If the status quo is expected to continue beyond a couple of months after the instalations, I will vote no.


1 Response to “it approaches…”

  1. 1 Neal Yonson
    July 26, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Thanks a lot for putting VFM on the agenda. You know I will be there making the case for a full VFM budget.

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