The best venues for beer gardens on campus

I’ve almost been to a garden by every faculty on campus now, from law to human kinetics, and have seen parties take place from Thunderbird Stadium to outside of a locker. Here’s my favorite venues for all you up-and-coming socos.

  1. Dorothy Sommerset Studio
    The DSS (formerly a hut)  is a black box studio for theatre kids. It’s suited with a ton of furniture, hot lights, and it’s cozy if you fit in 80 or so people. Been there for two gardens, each was fantastic.
  2. Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre
    If Abdul had his way, this venue would be better than half of the Granville strip. Unfortunately, it was cut back, but is still an awesome venue. I heard a rumor that SUS is no longer renting it out though, which is a huge blow to campus community.
  3. SUB Art Gallery
    Once in a blue moon there will be a party in the Art Gallery. Typically these are filled with awesome folk, interesting art, and cheap drinks. A must-go before grad.
  4. MacInnis Field
    Typically for outdoor shows, but I had to mention this because the Welcome Back BBQ is my favorite campus event (pumped for this year!) As well, it was pretty rocking when the EUS held events on the field too, prior to UBC Athletics jerking them (and students generally) around.
  5. Basement of EOSC
    The Dawson Club throws a great kegger from time to time, and their quaint, basement space is filled with nothing but friendly, loving people.

There are a ton of other ones out there that I can’t remember. The Richmond Night Market is vastly superior to the Chinatown Night Market, due to the fact that Richmond is more authentically Chinese than Chinatown is. I’ve been around for so long and to so many beer gardens that I’ve grown emotions to a lot of these places. These emotions probably gave unwarrented demerits to MASS and Agora, but there’s my list. What’s your favorite spot for a drink on campus?


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