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LIVEBLOG – showdown in council

11:12 – Geoff Costeloe reading a statement to start off the discussion topic. Will post when I can get the text.

11:11 – Speaker Dave: And it hits the blogosphere in 5, 4, 3, 2…

The Alma Mater Society of UBC Vancouver (AMS), UBC’s student union, would like to inform the public that AMS Council unanimously passed a motion to retract the complaint to the UN against the BC and Canadian governments in regard to Article 13(c) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The filed complaint was not the will of the Society and on November 28th, 2009 the President of the AMS overstepped his bounds in taking this action. The Society did not support this filed complaint.

11:08 – Now it’s the Press Release motion. Passes.

11:00 – Andrew calls the question. It passes. So does the motion.

The AMS needs to just shut its trap for a little bit.
Eric-at-Large (thunderous applause)

Right now, you [the AMS] look like shit!

10:56 – Back to the amended main motion.

10:54 – Joel moves a motion to prohibit Tim from using his email. I make a grammar correction. Everyone laughs. Apparently split infinitives are hilarious!

10:49 – Neal Yonson (UBC Insiders) is questioning Tim Chu about whether or not he has been distributing the UN Complaint to people since Saturday. He asks if it is appropriate. Woohee! This is awkward…

10:48 – My internet died, and I lost a couple of posts… Sadness. Anyways, the Legal Opinion passes, even though Rodrigo does his best to frustrate debate.

10:32 – The Legal Opinion motion is up! Andrew Carne, current Chair of Code, is motivating. This is, it should also be noted, a list of things that we should probably know about our structure anyway.

10:27 – My motion to direct Student Life Committee to bring recommendations stemming from the Climate Survey to improve engagement of Underrepresented Groups.

10:23 – Mitch is talking about how the change in committee structure should precipitate a new approach to the way we deal with committees. And he calls to question, which passes. The motion is referred to committee.

10:18 – Elena says that we should trust our Childcare Commissioner. However, I can’t trust anyone in the Executive External Office at the moment.

I’m suddenly confused at this methodology that everything has to go through committee.
President Blake

10:15 – The motion to join a childcare advocacy group comes up. This has not been through committees, and we haven’t been able to see any of this group’s materials or positions. I moved to send it down to External Policy Committee.

10:10 – I didn’t get any pizza. The new pizzas all had meat.

Does someone want to propose a date for council to adjourn?
Speaker Dave

10:09 – These recesses take forever.

10:05 – Another recess for pizza. We have Child Care, Climate Survey, the Legal Opinion and the Temporary Communications Policy left on the agenda for resolutions.

10:02 – Appointments has tiny glitch. Iggy is apparently preordained to lose anything. I voted for him…

9:52 – We flew through some SAC minutes. Mike Duncan and I vote against. Because “Fuck SAC”. Now we’re doing some appointments. Fireworks are coming up on the Child Care Motion.

9:44 – Debate on the motion to set the pay rates of the new Committee Chairs.

9:38 – Rodrigo  moves a ridiculous motion. It is not added to the agenda. By the way, I’m proud of my vote on Disabilities Seats. If you’re wondering why, check here.

9:35 – Council’s five minute recesses are named in the same way as people use year lengths to refer to wars. They have no bearing whatsoever on the actual length.

9:08 – Debate continues on the Temporary Communications Policy. Adrienne is speaking on this.

8:54 – Debate continues on the referral of the Temporary Communications Policy to the Communications Planning Group. Tahara blows through her time because of thunderous applause, Iggy calls the question. And it is not referred.

8:42 – The new communications policy would basically freeze the Society communications without the Communications Planning Group’s quorate approval. Blake understands that this is directed at him. Geoff wants to refer this to Committee, but have it in force until the CPG is able to meet and report back.

8:39 – A debate on the communications policy. This one should be fine. The other (temporary) communications policy is going to perhaps be a little more contentious. It passes.

8:38 – Motion is referred to Committee. As a note, the motion on the agenda said that we would be leaving in 2009… We should check the old motion, so that we’re sure we got it right.

8:31 – Some debate over whether the CASA motion came from the External Policy.

Speaker: “Did this come from External Policy Committee?”

Chorus of Councilors: “No.”

8:28 – I think that this is a great looking elections team. Congratulations to the new Overlord of Voter Funded Media, former Councilor Will Davis.

8:19 – Motions to power through. Safety, Clubs Benefit. Both pass. I’m sure that I looked really great in the Ubyssey live feed, by the way – I should have shaved…

8:17 – Minutes pass. Now the other minutes motion, the one set of minutes that holds a reference to the UN complaint. These pass with 22 abstentions.

8:15 – I second minutes! Yay!

8:09 – Blake is, once again, sowing seeds of discord. And is wrong. We are not trying to remove them as Directors, just from their officer positions of the Board. Motion fails.

8:05 – Moving the Campus Planning and Development motion from now. Basically voicing some reasonable opposition to the MetroVancouver Governance Bylaw. Passes.

8:03 – I feel a little bad for our guests. I don’t think that there will be as many fireworks as people may have been anticipating. (Just wait and watch events prove me wrong.)

7:58 – Awesome stuff from Twitter. Thanks Taylor!

debate on the argyle sweater: @blakefrederick is an #argylefail while @naylor4x is an #argylewin

7:55 – I am sad to announce that there will be no Swimming Pool or Ice Rink in the new SUB.

7:52 – I’d like to take this time while the presentation is going on to complain about my back. It hurts. The round table for Council isn’t really the most comfortable of backings. Barnabas (proxy for Ryan) has the right idea. Also, Happy Birthday Kyle Warwick! Way to not proxy your vote out – way worse birthday than even the one where I had to open the fish department at five in the morning.

7:44 – There are still some deadlocked issues that we have with UBC, but I think that there are ways forward here. There is still a funding shortfall in terms of being able to build all that we would like to have in the building.

7:41 – The AMS will be selecting the SUB Architect! We will not be in charge of the project manager, which is a sacrifice, but one that I can live with.

7:36 – Yes Council can pass interpretations on its Bylaws. The Code and Policies-Oversight Joint meeting said that we could, in fact, pass interpretations of its Bylaws, divesting that authority from Student Court.

7:32 – Debating the Consideration Measure, which is a new tool that Council is trying to invent tonight. Colin is trying to clarify – I don’t know about you, but Colin’s clarifications leave me more confused half the time.

7:30 – Slate clarification motion passes. I hate the slate ban, but this should go a ways to avoid some of the problems of last year.

7:23 – Still elections.

“We are going to be having a Mingler, a.k.a. Beer Garden, before voting.”
Isabel Ferreras

7:17 – Isabel Fererras is up to talk about elections. I’m just delighted. As a note, the tuition policy that I and my Vice Chair wrote three years ago did go through a consultative process, albeit not one with broad consultation, but was rather written by Councilors. It is in need of an update, so I’m looking forward to this consultative process with our (interim, God willing) VP External.

7:09 – Tahara is the first Council speaker on the referral motion. She rages against the disenfranchisement of students. I would like to add that if Tim had wanted this consultation, he could have had it, but he never calls External Policy Committee meetings. Tahara calls to question, which passes, and it heads back to the External Policy Committee, where it should have come from in the first place.

7:01 – We’ve just started the debate on the tuition motion. No Council member wanted to speak against. The first student speaker speaks to the reasonable increases with respect to inflation. Jeremy McElroy is the first Council speaker, and he moves to refer it to the External and University Relations Committee.

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