convergant operational evolution

Committee Reform was a fascinating process to be a part of, and it was one of the things that I am most proud of during my time at the AMS. One of the Student Association organizations that we studied during the process was the University of Calgary SU, which had a structure that was more organizationally focused. They had the right idea about the committees, and I think the new AMS structure is going to be a boon for Council.

That said, the UCSU thought that the AMS had the right idea about representation. They had directly elected commissioners (committee members) and no direct faculty representation on the Board, relegating the faculty reps to the Student Academic Assembly, which was a kind of monster-committee focused on academic issues. The motion is very long, so I’ve just pulled out some notable parts. The full resolution is here.

a partial proportional representation structure that consists of one faculty representative for every 2000 students enrolled in the faculty
(ed. This is almost exactly the same as the AMS Structure, except we use 1500 people as the threshold – this makes our Board one of the largest I’ve seen)

Vice President External roles and responsibilities will be amended to include chairing the Committee of 10,000
(ed. I don’t know what this means, but it sounds AWESOME!)

Student Academic Assembly be dissolved

all Commissioners be appointed by an Executive hiring committee

all Commissioners be removed from SLC, the SU’s electoral process and their role and responsibilities as governors of the SU

Here are two articles from the Gauntlet newspaper on the SU changes: “Big changes ahead for Students’ Union” and “SU governance change on track”.

The GSS is apparently also going through an operational review, and I’m going to be posting on that as I find some more information about it.

Also, there is a new VFM contest that will be starting out, so if you enjoy the RBT, take a couple of seconds to visit the Continuous VFM Voting Site, and show your support (and help crush my enemies!).

1 Response to “convergant operational evolution”

  1. 1 UofCSU Academic Commissioner
    December 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    – No mentions on the reforms to the VP Events/VP Student Life position? SHAME ON YOU! 😉

    – The Committee of 10,000 is an external committee, where it give a gift/donation of dollars, from $400 to $1,000 to external/non-university charity groups, such as AIDS Calgary and Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Centre. It reviews applications based on a number of criteria like the organization’s community relations, funds usage, and sustainability. Every year, one dollar from each student at the University of Calgary is donated to a worthy foundation; the Committee of 10,000.

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