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Referendum Results

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In this whirlwind of a morning we’ve seen a meaningful referendum result retracted, and a meaningless one pass. The RBT will be elaborating on how the passage of question eight means nothing for the Society in any way, shape or form later this weekend. The only functional point here is that Bijan starts work two weeks from today, rather than today. That’s going to be an awkward transition to be sure. Or, if we’re lucky, maybe Tim and Blake will just resign.

For clarity’s sake on these, the amount of Yes votes as a percentage of the overall student populace (46,438) must be greater than 8%, and the vote must pass by a majority or, for special resolutions set out as set out in the Societies Act, a seventy-five percent majority.

Question Yes No Total Turnout Y/Students Y/Votes
Threshold Result
One 3191 1011 4202 9.0% 6.9% 75.9% 75% FAIL
Two 3542 1432 4974 10.7% 7.6% 71.2% 75% FAIL
Three 3323 1558 4881 10.5% 7.2% 68.1% 75% FAIL
Four 1773 2933 4706 10.1% 3.8% 37.7% 50% FAIL
Five 2014 2240 4254 9.2% 4.3% 47.3% 50% FAIL
Six 2906 1169 4075 8.8% 6.3% 71.3% 75% FAIL
Seven 2244 2457 4701 10.1% 4.8% 47.7% 50% FAIL
Eight 3844 910 4754 10.2% 8.3% 80.9% 50% PASS
Nine 2475 1906 4381 9.4% 5.3% 56.5% 75% FAIL

Declaration of Vacancies

After the wins of a number of the candidates, there will be vacancies in a number of positions around the Council table and in AMS administration. At the moment I’m just writing to take my mind off of things before the Gravol kicks in and I can go back to bed.

President – No Vacancies Created. Bijan is already on BoG, and even though he took office ten hours ago, he doesn’t need to give up his seat – he is able so serve concurrently until his term ends.

VP Academic – Safewalk Coordinator. Ben is also the Commerce Senator, but he can continue to serve in that capacity until his term ends. Prima facie, the most logical person to fill his shoes would be the assistant coordinator.

VP External – Chair of the AMS Arts Caucus, AMS Arts Representative. Jeremy will give up both of these positions when he takes office. AUS Council will appoint a replacement for the seat for remainder of his term. Guillaume Houle, the Arts President, will appoint a Caucus Chair at his leisure.

VP Administration – CUS AMS Representative. Ekaterina will be leaving her current position on Council when she ascends on February 12th. I have no idea what the replacement procedure is.

VP Finance – Vice Chair of SAC. Elin will be leaving his position when he moves down the hall into the nicest office the AMS has to offer. There are two options for filling this. Ekat could hire the person who will be serving as her Vice Chair for the entire year, meaning that they would serve a slightly extended term, or an interim could be appointed. The latter is easier, but I think that the former should be shot for if at all possible.

Oh, and apparently the Engagement Levy went down in flames. Poor little thing – so much promise. Never had a chance.


Referendum Results

  1. Quorum Not Met
  2. Pass (76%) Quorum Not Met
  3. Quorum Not Met
  4. Quorum Not Met
  5. Quorum Not Met
  6. Quorum Not Met
  7. Quorum Not Met
  8. Quorum Not Met Pass
  9. Quorum Not Met

AJ Hajir Hajian’s “The AJ Hajir Hajian”

The Tribune Tribunal finds this drink (which, it should be noted, is being consumed after consuming all of the other drinks of the evening) quite satisfying. Again, the Midori, as with the other exotic liqueur from earlier in the day, Lychee, is somewhat overpowering, and the entire drink is permeated with the taste of melon. However, given the ample amounts of strong juices, it produces what can only be described as a ballroom dance class in your mouth. While the explanation is a total #fail, this drink is to be commended. I’ll be making it again. Four and thirty-four three-hundred-eighty-thirds out of five.

  • 1 part Midori
  • 0.5 part Vodka
  • 0.5  part Raspberry liqueur
  • 2 parts Pineapple juice
  • 2 parts Cranberry juice

The RBT is done for the evening on the drinks. We’re off to see results. The rest of the submissions all included beer, so it was deemed to be … imprudent … to consume them at this time.


Election Results

The elections committee just announced the results! Ladies and gents, your 2010 AMS Executive:

  1. Bijan for President!
  2. Ben for VP Academic!
  3. Elin for VP Finance!
  4. Haack for VP Admin!
  5. Palm for VP External!

Congrats to SRL who took the SLFS, and to the elections committee for the over 6500 turnout!


Aaron Palm’s “The Red Dawn”

The Tribune Tribunal is duly impressed by the Red Dawn. It may be ‘red sky in morning, sailor’s take warning’, but this red dawn fills us with nothing but delight. Both of us. Oh, and by the way, we of course added soda. Four and sixty-two one-hundred-and-twenty-sevenths stars out of five.

  • 1 oz Bourbon, to represent my the American inspiration of my campaign
  • 1 oz Canadian Rye, for Canada (the bourbon will overpower the rye, of course)
  • 1/4 oz Red Vermouth – to represent the Leftist elements that are at work to undermine UBC
  • 1 slop Grenadine – Crimson like the blood of the patriots who fell fighting the Red Menace, sweet like Liberty

Shake angrily and garnish with a piece of flaming Knoll (or a twist, whatever) If you’re a homosexual add soda otherwise drink it straight in an iced martini glass.



We’ve had a bunch to drink. It’s time for some pizza.


Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes’ “Global Citizen”

The Tribune Tribunal finds this drink remarkable. The use of an innovative liquor is to be commended, and the explanation of the ingredients is one of the best we’ve seen. Naylor also has fond, Arts County Fair related If we didn’t disagree with Rodrigo on matters of policy, we’d be inclined to endorse him on the elegant simplicity of his beverage. It should be noted that Lougheed hates it – but Naylor has decided that his opinion on this does not count. Four and one seventy-third stars out of five.

  1. Slice 2 limes in round pieces about 1 centimeter thick
    (Limes come from very far and cost too much in Canada, this detail makes us wonder why – we want fair trade, food sovereignty and food security, and cheaper limes in Vancouver. A kilo of limes in Brazil can be purchased for about a dollar. The impact of our consumption choices in the world is real, and we have to be aware of the consequences and also attempt to make choices that will have a positive impact in the world).
  2. Grab 3-4 ice cubes, wrap them inside a clean towel, and beat them on the counter top until they are crushed, but don’t get too excited and turn them into slush.
    (This reminds us that the taste of this drink will be improved by the sensation of satisfaction that perceiving the details of the crushed ice with your tongue brings. This is a metaphor to how meticulous and detailed data – broken down from larger chunks – can be fulfilling and bring out delicious results).
  3. Add to a whiskey glass (very important) the crushed ice and, over the ice, add the lime slices and cover them with brown sugar according to your own taste. With a bamboo (ideal) or wooden crushing cylinder, smash the lime, with the peel (very important) over the crushed ice to release the lime juice and the tart of the lime peel into the ice and water.
    (This is a reminder of the complexity of student issues and how we must, in order to safely represent what students are feeling, bring together data on how they are experiencing and perceiving our university. It is also a metaphor for research, and the release of tasteful satisfying data through the grinding of the elements under an instrument of knowledge, and over a recipient that keeps and saves the taste for you to later savor at your own pace, delighting in every tang crisping your taste buds).
  4. Add one shot or two of cachaça <ça>, but make sure that you do not add too much of it. The idea is that you will be able to taste everything in a balanced way – the only ingredient that can be used more abusively in this recipe is lime juice. If you overdo the cachaça, you won’t be able to taste the combination of the tart in the peel, the sugar, and the lime juice and pulp over the ice. This does not mean that the GLOBAL CITIZEN does not have to be strong. The perfect balance between the ingredients is what this drink is looking for. Care in the preparation process is very important. The sugar must be able to blend with the peel, the pulp, and the ice, before the cachaça is added. In case cachaça is missing, you can make it even more global by trying it out with vodka, rum or even sake. You can also move on to other fruits, but you will remain always tastefully conscious of the legacy of the lime.

Michael Haack’s “SUB-Green Drink”

The Tribune Tribunal finds this drink enticing in colour and bewitching in taste. The lychee liqueur is somewhat overpowering, but delicious – the entire drink tastes lycheerific. While we eschewed the organic aspects of the beverage for preparation, we found the taste was not diminished. We give this delightful beverage a four and six twenty-fifths out of five.

  • 3 parts vodka
  • 1 part blue curacao

To represent strength, transparency, and clarity needed in any form of government and that I will ensure that my actions are clear and that my office is open and that I can be held accountable

  • 2 parts organic apple juice
  • 1 part organic lime juice
  • a splash of organic pulp free orange juice

To represent a fresh perspective that I offer the AMS regarding sustainability for the current and new SUB such as going beyond LEED Platinum+ design for the new SUB, striving to build a “living building” and multi-use space that can accommodate the future needs of students

  • 1 part lychee liqueur to represent the international students at UBC.

Without the lychee, the drink would be incomplete. Similarly, on campus we have to recognize that 1 in 10 students are international students. This is a large population of students and we need to address what can be done create a safe and welcoming community at UBC.

result: A refreshing and sustainable SUB-green drink


Ekaterina Dovjenko’s “SUB Club Cocktail Punch”

The Tribune Tribunal finds this delightful. It’s like an alcoholic Shirley Temple. After a year doing SUB negotiations, our dear Ekaterina might resemble an alcoholic Shirley Temple as well – but she could always become the Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. We give this a three and seven ninths stars out of five.

I do not actually drink too much by I’ll try my best

  • One teaspoon of sugar, to represent the importance of general fun and optimism, needed especially during SUB Renew negotiations. My platform ensures the New SUB is sustainable and student–driven.
  • One star anise, to ensure that clubs reach for the stars when they have initiatives they want to start. With my platform, I will ensure that restrictions on the Club’s Benefit fund are reviewed and a new club start-up grant is created so that clubs have a better chance at engaging students.
  • ¾ cup of Grapefruit juice to maintain healthy relations with the University and to wake the AMS up from its deep slumber of inadequate consultation with students.
  • ½ teaspoon grenadine, representing the sweetness and respect required when talking and consulting with all clubs
  • ¼ cup champagne to represent celebration when we finally sign all SUB agreements and are ready to commence architect selection and building the SUB.
  • And lastly, a garnish of a raspberry to symbolize growth and the future of a more personalize support system for clubs, a sustainable New SUB and better communication with all students.

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