A Cacophony of News

Where to Drink
There is no better time for drinking than during elections. Let the sweet taste of beer drown your troubles away before the crush of midterms absorbs what is left of your free time. Now, I don’t know if the following event is actually licensed or not – if it’s not, I’d recommend getting a big, juicy burger from Vera’s, having a couple of drinks there, and going and watching Fast Food Nation at MASS. The Underground lists it as a licensed event, but the only thing that is mentioned on the Facebook event is a reference to “eating delicious beverages”, which to me means… Guinness?

PSSA Arts Week Movie Night!
Monday, 11 January 2010, 19:00 – 22:00
Buchanan MASS

Arts Week
Arts Week kicks off today, which means that the MOST AWESOME FACULTY on campus is able to really strut its stuff. Arts Week is administered by one of the candidates for the SLFS, current AUS VP External and AMS Arts Councillor Kyle Warwick, and it should be a fantastic time. The AUS (for you structure geeks out there) is much more federal in its organization than other like organizations on campus, from what I’ve seen, in so much as AUS Council is less strong relative to its constituent clubs than the other XUS.
As a part of this, the Underground has returned to us, after a break because of the rape article controversy of earlier this year. Yes, “million” and “billion” are mixed up, but I say to you: Screw you, we’re in Arts. The Math Club can’t even find a rep that’s, strictly speaking, in the faculty. The Tribune will talk about this in the future, though I do have to say that the character of the AUS makes this something that should arouse less ire than might otherwise be rendered over similar issues.

Early Campaigning
While everyone seems to be really excited about the early campaigning infractions of Pak Ho Leung, which is no doubt news, think that calling it a scandal might be a bit of overreaching. I do appreciate how VFM has created a culture in which the actions of the candidates and their representatives are scrutinized. Now that the blogosphere is more mature, with different types of media filling a number of different niches across the political spectrum, this is going to produce a fairly robust body of news for the election. In my opinion, there is not much of a story here – sure he should and will be penalized, but I think this was more of a case of not knowing the regulations 100%, rather than by any malicious intent.

Candidates Drop Out
While the amount of Senate and BoG candidates was significant at the beginning of the race, they seem of be dropping like flies. I would bet that the general reason that the people are dropping out is solely a case of whether or not the candidates think they can win. Overall, I think the big loser of candidate dropouts is Blake Frederick, who is running in the remaining first past the post systems administered by the AMS. A high amount of anti-amsUNfail candidates could have split the vote amongst themselves, allowing President Disaster to sneak up the middle.

Byzantine Campaign Regulations
Looks like a job for the Legislative Procedures Committee. There appear to be a couple of lines in Code that prohibit the Ubyssey from even speaking to the candidates. While this is not my personal reading of Code, there isn’t another Council meeting during the campaign break, and the LPC can’t make interpretations of the Code unless asked by Council, another committee, or a member complainant (hint, hint). Otherwise, the regulations for referenda seem a little arduous, particularly the one that restricts posters to having only one question on them. This is probably not going to do much other than waste staples postering space and photocopying money, but only if a yes committee is receiving campaign money. The laissez-faire option is to generally poster outside of the regulations, without money, but without the protection against teardowns and overpostering that are afforded other groups.

Please remember to vote for the Radical Beer Tribune in Continuous VFM.


1 Response to “A Cacophony of News”

  1. 1 Jason Ng
    January 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Looks like the Pak Ho group has been taken down. By the looks of it, the group was almost certainly unintentional and the candidate might not have known about it before it was posted. It’s a good reminder to candidates in general to be careful about how they are presented online.

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