the RBT Endorses

The RBT offers it’s endorsements to the following candidates. Further profiles with the results of the surveys and the RBT elections challenge will be going up through to Wednesday, but we thought it appropriate to let you know our biases – and encourage you to follow them – as early as possible in the election period.


  1. Swift
  2. Ahmadian
  3. Kim
  4. Leung

Both Natalie and Bijan appear to be committed individuals, and I think that they would both do a good job. However, one is going to fulfill the needs of council more than the other in terms of uniting a rather disunited organization and moving on from the scandal plagued last several years, and that is Natalie Swift. While we have concers about her decisiveness, we feel her heart is in the right place, and is functionally competent enough to start repairing the ruins of the office.

VP Academic

  1. Cappellacci
  2. Ferrari-Nunes

If nothing else should be noted about this race, it’s that the candidates had some of the tastiest beverages. Ben is and interesting candidate, and while there are governance issues that he doensn’t have a complete grasp on, having run in a race in which the entire issue was governance, it actually isn’t too hard to learn when you put your mind to it. Rodrigo has been more moderate than I’ve ever seen him in the debates, so much so that had I not had prior experience on Council and in other arenas, I wouldn’t be dissapointed if he won. However, I have, and so I would be.

VP Administration

  1. Dovjenko
  2. Haack

Having encouraged Ekaterina to run for the position, the editors of the RBT are perhaps a little biased, but looking at the debates and responses from the most objective way possible, we can say with confidence that she would be the person most capable of running the SUB negotiations gauntlet, and interacting with our clubs and other subunits.

VP External Affairs

  1. McElroy
  2. Pavlov
  3. Palm
  4. Chu

How could the RBT not endorse it’s stalwart Jeremy? Well, we wouldn’t if he sucked, but he doesn’t. Having seen his committment to the Society, the dedication he puts in on behalf of students, his ability to coordinate large and unweildy events, such as BCYP, his knowledge of or willingness to learn the issues make him the ideal candidate for this position. It’s one that I feel has been opporly reated for the past couple of years, and Jeremy will be able to nurse it back to health. Stas probably would as well, but he was less impressive in debates and has less of the requisite political experience to be the restorative force that the VPX office needs. Palm is funny, but a a big government liberal, I can’t really support his platform. Tim… no. Just no.

VP Finance

  1. Tayyar
  2. Man

Congratulations Elin. You’re better than nothing. (Actually, we’ve been quite impressed with your platform and performance in the debates.)

Board of Governors

  • Heisler
  • Wazeer

This was a tough one for us to decide. We have been impressed by all of the non-Blake candidates in the election, and will not be dissapointed if any of them win. However, after our top pick, Sean Heisler, who has consistantly impressed in personal conversations and on his platform – notwithstanding the life-size cardboard cut-out at the debates, the issue of governance became the dealbreaker, and Azim demonstrated a better grasp of the complexities of the issue than did Guillaume.


  • Mertens
  • Rebane
  • Rasmussen
  • Hajian
  • Beyzaei
  • Hon. Mention – Koehn

The Senate is a funny place, one where collegiality and cooperation are prioritized over squabbling and political games. Mertens and Rebane have an incredible wealth of experiance from which to draw. Having worked with Nader on Code, I have seen the deliberative spirit needed to do well here. AJ has passion, and has been campaigning his ass off – kudos to you, hard work deserves reward. I hope this will translate into further hard work if elected. Spencer impressed at the debate, which was notable in and of itself given the format.


2 Responses to “the RBT Endorses”

  1. January 26, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Hey! Thanks for the endorsement! My last name, however, is spelled “Dovjenko”.

  2. 2 Ben
    January 26, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Thanks for the endorsement!

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