Finance Foosball

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If there has been any race that could legitimately be called a snoozer, it is the VP Finance contest. The joke candidate is a joke in the same way that zero is a number – the absence is. However, the one serious candidate is competent and reasonable, and I’m sure that he’ll be a competent steward of the position in the upcoming year. We hope that he lays out a clear schedule for the budgeting process, and is able to stem the bloating growth of the AMS government – a new office every year is too much, and many of the projects that have been initiated in the past couple of years may have been better suited to an executive project officer, or the assignment of such a task to one of the commissions.

Elin has been consistent in his opinions. He is against committee reform, which is understandible, given his current position, but I have faith that he’ll come around. It’s here to stay anyway. He also votes in favour of the Iran policy and the BC-STV endorsement, indicating that he takes a broader view of the mandate of the AMS than the RBT (which here can be taken to mean Naylor). Whether or not the AMS should be passing motions like this is up for debate, and it’s going to undoubtedly be a continuing discussion far into the AMS’s future.

Question One: How would you have voted on the following questions that came before Council in the previous year?

Elin Tayyar The Invisible Man
Committee Reform
Censuring Blake Frederick over Tunnel Press Release
Leaving CASA
Funding for Lobby Days
Whistler Lodge Bookings Policy
Iran Policy
Endorsement of BC STV
Retraction of Provincial Election Materials
Non Voting Seat for Students with Disabilities

Question Two: Briefly, what one major thing in the past year would you, in retrospect, have done differently had you been serving in the position for which you are currently running, and for what reasons?

Elin Tayyar:

I think Tom Dvorak would agree that the executives did not have a good working relationship. The one thing I would do differently is establish a good relationship with all of the other executives. If there is one thing that a VP Finance needs from other executives is their cooperation when it comes to making and following the budget.

RBT Election Challenge: In what a perfect drink for the level of excitement in this race, Elin’s submission was Johnny Walker Black, neat, but the posting on that comes later.


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