Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes’ “Global Citizen”

The Tribune Tribunal finds this drink remarkable. The use of an innovative liquor is to be commended, and the explanation of the ingredients is one of the best we’ve seen. Naylor also has fond, Arts County Fair related If we didn’t disagree with Rodrigo on matters of policy, we’d be inclined to endorse him on the elegant simplicity of his beverage. It should be noted that Lougheed hates it – but Naylor has decided that his opinion on this does not count. Four and one seventy-third stars out of five.

  1. Slice 2 limes in round pieces about 1 centimeter thick
    (Limes come from very far and cost too much in Canada, this detail makes us wonder why – we want fair trade, food sovereignty and food security, and cheaper limes in Vancouver. A kilo of limes in Brazil can be purchased for about a dollar. The impact of our consumption choices in the world is real, and we have to be aware of the consequences and also attempt to make choices that will have a positive impact in the world).
  2. Grab 3-4 ice cubes, wrap them inside a clean towel, and beat them on the counter top until they are crushed, but don’t get too excited and turn them into slush.
    (This reminds us that the taste of this drink will be improved by the sensation of satisfaction that perceiving the details of the crushed ice with your tongue brings. This is a metaphor to how meticulous and detailed data – broken down from larger chunks – can be fulfilling and bring out delicious results).
  3. Add to a whiskey glass (very important) the crushed ice and, over the ice, add the lime slices and cover them with brown sugar according to your own taste. With a bamboo (ideal) or wooden crushing cylinder, smash the lime, with the peel (very important) over the crushed ice to release the lime juice and the tart of the lime peel into the ice and water.
    (This is a reminder of the complexity of student issues and how we must, in order to safely represent what students are feeling, bring together data on how they are experiencing and perceiving our university. It is also a metaphor for research, and the release of tasteful satisfying data through the grinding of the elements under an instrument of knowledge, and over a recipient that keeps and saves the taste for you to later savor at your own pace, delighting in every tang crisping your taste buds).
  4. Add one shot or two of cachaça <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cachaça>, but make sure that you do not add too much of it. The idea is that you will be able to taste everything in a balanced way – the only ingredient that can be used more abusively in this recipe is lime juice. If you overdo the cachaça, you won’t be able to taste the combination of the tart in the peel, the sugar, and the lime juice and pulp over the ice. This does not mean that the GLOBAL CITIZEN does not have to be strong. The perfect balance between the ingredients is what this drink is looking for. Care in the preparation process is very important. The sugar must be able to blend with the peel, the pulp, and the ice, before the cachaça is added. In case cachaça is missing, you can make it even more global by trying it out with vodka, rum or even sake. You can also move on to other fruits, but you will remain always tastefully conscious of the legacy of the lime.

1 Response to “Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes’ “Global Citizen””

  1. January 29, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    wow, even Rodrigo’s drink recipes are painfully verbose :p

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