Preliminary thoughts on AUS Elections

So the AUS Elections Candidate list was posted yesterday to much excitement (a lot of which was probably my own…I think I might have tweeted it from the @ubcAUS account before @auselections announced it!)

Here is the candidate list with my preliminary thoughts on the races and candidates:


This should be an interesting race! I’m excited to see some competition (SUS President appears to be a Yes/No vote). I’ve posted briefly what I know about each of the candidates.

Brian Platt – I have never met Brian formally; he did come to at least one AUS council meeting this year and I recall him sitting in the wings.  Beyond that (and having his bank card in my possession for a brief period of time, which is a different story) I do not know him. He is the current HSA Treasurer and from what I’ve heard has done very well in that role. (Suggestion: if he doesn’t win the President race perhaps he could duke it out with Obi-Wan Kenobi for VP Finance?)

Mike Silley – Mike is a current AUS councillor, holding on of the AMS Representative positions. He’s been quite involved with the AUS this year but has (due to his position) focused a lot on the AMS side of things. That being said, President does hold an AMS Arts Representative seat and that continuity could be beneficial.

Ryan Trasolini – Ryan is also a current AUS councillor (and also an Arts AMS Representative). Ryan has been quite involved on the AUS Social Committee (last year he was AUS Social Coordinator in second term). As a point of history, Ryan ran in the AUS elections last year for AUS President and lost by only six votes to our current President. Due to this, I expect to see Ryan campaigning very hard this year to prevent a repeat.

VP Internal:

This is a Yes/No vote (I don’t know what happened to the other candidate who was originally in the race). I dislike Yes/No votes on principle (though I will admit that that is how I was elected VP Admin).

Elysia Pyne – Elysia is our current VP Internal; she was appointed to the position in January after the resignation of our VPI. Prior to being VPI Elysia was our AUS club representative for the Political Science Students’ Association (PSSA) and thus she has had a year on council as well as club experience (which is of course useful to the role of VPI, which mainly deals with AUS clubs).

VP External:

Another contested race! This I expect to be a very close race and I am eager to see the candidates in debate next week!

Carolee Changfoot – Carolee is currently in her second year both at UBC and on AUS council. Last year she was First Year Representative and she is currently an Arts AMS Representative. Carolee has a lot of cross-faculty connections which would be great for this position.

Mary Leong – Mary is currently Second Year Representative on AUS council and has been a very active councillor this year on the Promotions Committee and in various other roles. Mary also, if I’m not mistaken, blogs for LEAP and is involved in other campus groups, which would be great for this position.

Mace Windu – Apparently this is a Star Wars character? I have never seen any Star Wars so all the joke candidates are lost on me (which is sad because I was very excited when I first heard there would be joke candidates!)

VP Administration:

Another Yes/No vote.

Laura ManyariLaura is currently our Student Services Coordinator and was a General Officer on AUS council last year. Laura is very put-together and organized (perhaps not to my level of neuroticism but that is most likely a good thing!) and I have full confidence in her ability to be a great VP.

VP Finance:

Yet another Yes/No vote; this time for a joke candidate.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – another Star Wars reference lost on me (perhaps I should watch Star Wars or get a list of characters before the end of these elections).

VP Academic:

And one more Yes/No vote.

Pelican Mann – yes, that’s her real name. Pelican is very much qualified for this position. She has been on the Academic Committee for two years now and has spent this past year on council as the Meekison Arts Student Space Officer.

General Officer:

We will elect two General Officers (GOs) out of the three candidates running. I do not know much about any of the candidates here and look forward to meeting them over the elections events and seeing them at the debates.

Lisa Anderson – I have not met her yet.

Alison Chan – I have not met her yet.

Ivan Staeheli – Ivan is currently a GO on AUS Council (he was appointed about a month ago when one of our GOs resigned). I have had good impressions of him so far.

AMS Representative:

Here we are electing five of the following candidates. According to the @auselections Twitter, Sonia Purewal and Kalyeena Makortoff have withdrawn. I’m slightly confused as I never saw a Kalyeena Makortoff on any of the candidate lists. Anyways, the remaining candidates:

Admiral Ackbar – again, reference lost.

Rory Breasil – I have not met him.

Carolee Changfoot – Carolee is also running for VP External (VP External is the only AUS councillor, other than President, who can be both an AMS Representative and a VP). See my brief description under VP External.

Michael Haack I officially met Michael just the other day (previously we had only known each other electronically). He has the best slogans! (“Let’s Haack the AMS” “Put a Haack in office” and the like). Note of history, he ran against Ekaterina Dovjenko for AMS VP Administration and wowed the campus with his chalking (I believe by stencil?). I think there might still be some of his messages in the SUB overhang on the North side (Brock Hall side).

Jordan Moore – Jordan is currently an AUS General Officer. This was his first year on council and he’s been very active.

Ingrid Nillson – I have not yet met Ingrid.

Kyle Warwick – Kyle is currently AUS VP External as well as an Arts AMS Representative. Kyle has been very involved with the AMS and the AUS in his time at UBC. I’m guessing by his running in this race and no other that he’s decided to focus more on the AMS side of things next year.

Arts Senator:

Kristian Arciaga – Kristian is currently the AUS VP Finance (last year he was a General Officer) and has been involved with the AUS Academic Committee and Finance Committee. Disclaimer: he is one of my best friends and, as my Facebook Profile picture states, I support him as Arts Senator.

Princess Leia – this makes me laugh (even I, a Star Wars virgin, have heard of Princess Leia…mostly from that Friends episode where they discuss it).

That’s all for now! I will try to post at least once a day (we will see how that goes…)

Things I want to write about (or what you can look forward to): elections events, descriptions of the AUS positions (i.e. what each position actually does), debates coverage, endorsements!

Also, don’t forget to vote for RBT in the continuous Voter-Funded Media (link on the sidebar —>) and check out http://ubcvotes.ca for candidate bios and pictures (to be posted soon, I believe!)

Love and kisses,



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