Liveblog of the AUS debates

PLEASE VOTE RBT in the continuous VFM! More from me later tonight or tomorrow πŸ™‚


4:12 – Kyle: has done a lot in his time at UBC, wants to focus on AMS. Rory: has been clear during this debate on where he’s coming from. Labelled himself as a progressive candidates. Carolee: passionate, approachable.

4:12 – closing comments! The end is in sight!!!

4:10 – Kyle shows his political knowledge again. A potential MP one day? Dealing with these issues “seat by seat creates a confusing mish-mash”

4:07 – Carolee: thinks voices should be heard in the committees (perhaps have special interest seats in committees?)

4:05 – last question! should there be seats for special interest groups on AMS council? Carolee: no, should be divided by faculty. Rory: thinks we should take discussions as they come for seats (disagreed with the argument that we should’ve abolished the International student seat because then everyone would want a seat). International students have a very unique experience at UBC (little known fact: a large majority of our International Students are from the USA). Says AMS Council valued efficiency over democracy.

4:05 – we’re now talking about a disability seat on council. Kyle suggests creating a Resource Group for disabled students.

4:03 – it’s suddenly freezing in here. And RAINING OUTSIDE?!?! I have been in this room wayyy too long (and am umbrella-less on campus. damn)

4:01 – I love that Naylor is reading this πŸ™‚

4:00 – Rory talking about Resource Groups. Very interesting. I am enjoying watching his expressions while Kyle speaks.

3:59 – Patrick is an amazing moderator. He should run for something. Meanwhile…Will is climbing under the desk next to me.

3:58 – apparently one more question after this. YAY!

3:57 – Kyle is talking about policies. Carolee and Rory are responding.

3:55 – I don’t politically agree with Rory’s stances, but, as I’ve stated before, I’m thoroughly impressed with his research and knowledge. I think he would be a great asset to the Arts AMS caucus. That being said, I still do not know all the candidates, so no official endorsements yet.

3:54 – Kyle: voted in favour. Kyle is correcting the question wording (I totally caught that too…maybe some of his geniousity is contagious?). Kyle makes an excellent point about what sort of outrage would have occurred if an exec had acted to INCREASE tuition.

3:53 – Rory: vote against it provided that the other two execs were not in part of the impeachment motion. Feels Tim and Blake were right in principle and the other two signatories were failing to do their job.

3:52 – would you have or did you vote in favour of censuring the execs in terms of procedures? Carolee: voted to censure because procedures are very important.


3:50 – Rory: protest. But of course there’s no point protesting if you’re not engaged with the people you’re protesting towards. Feels protesting is useful but not a stand alone thing.

3:49 – Carolee: engagement is better to lobby the government. Feels we’ll be taken more seriously through engagement. Wants to focus on getting students involved.

3:48 – Kyle: next step lobbying with politicians, that being said you have more leverage if you have a crowd outside (Kyle is a political genius…or maybe just a genius)

3:47 – how is the best way to enact change? Protest vs. engagement. (can we please make this a one word response?)

3:46 – I think they all agree on this one? I really do not know…they’ve all talked so long I can’t remember.

3:45 – Kyle knows a lot about the budgetary details of the AMS.

3:44 – I think I’m averaging one post per minute. Please vote in the continuous VFM! link on the side πŸ™‚ I’ll love you forever if you do ❀

3:43 – structural deficit question. Rory has talked with past execs and other AMS peeps. He really knows his stuff.

3:42 – Ryan has two posters in this classroom…both are violating the rules (from the @auselections Twitter: “PENALTY BOX Ryan Trasolini fined $20: postering violations, distributing unapproved material, and posters that don’t have dates.”

3:41 – there should have been food at these debates. or drinks.

3:39 – Rory: would like to see more details on the budget of Safewalk and then make some cuts/”trim the fat.” Kyle: was on last year’s Budget Committee, didn’t want to cut the core functions of Safewalk before they had a replacement option. Perhaps to merge with the Safety Office.

3:37 – what would you do re: Safewalk to make it a more cost-effective body? Carolee: Student Life Committee talked about it at their last meeting. (I’m getting so hungry! I hope there’s not too much longer to these debates)

3:36 – Carolee is answering. I was distracted by Facebook and Latin and Will.

3:34 – Rory lost his train of thought on the question (I did too…I still don’t really understand the question or remember what it was). Kyle is talking about safety on campus and the Sexual Assault Awareness Month initiative.

3:33 – Rory is a member of the Social Justice Centre (one of the AMS Resource groups)

3:32 – I’m very very impressed by Rory. He’s definitely done a lot of research and knows what’s going on (perhaps moreso than some of the current AMS Councillors!).

3:31 – which committee would you sit on? Kyle: University and External Relations Committee. Carolee: Student Life. Rory: Budget is very important, so is Code and Policy, but would choose the University and External Relations Committee

3:30 – Rory is talking about the tuition referendum that passed. I’m not sure if it actually passed though when taking in to effect the system being hacked? I guess we’ll know more after Monday’s emergency AMS meeting

3:29 – where should lobby efforts focus? Rory: tuition is a priority over financial aid.

3:27 – Carolee: agrees wholeheartedly with Kyle. See the video (to be posted later) for her comments.

3:26 – Kyle: thinks the current policy has its merits. See the video for his more detailed comments (it’s a lot of political talk that I, as a Psych major, am not completely following…or maybe I’m just zoning out from SO MUCH BLOGGING)

3:25 – Rory is very well-informed. He’s read Kyle’s platform and is making impressive connections. Kyle’s phone goes off (hahahaha)

3:23 – do you support the current AMS tuition policy (allowing increases going along with inflation)? Kyle and Carolee think this is a good policy. Rory thinks it is not. Rory: we’re a union, this is akin to saying it’s okay for our wages to go down.

3:22 – Star Wars joke 😦 re: Admiral Ackbar. Carolee: running for re-election. Rory: has some problems with certain AMS policies as they stand (such as tuition, abolition of the International Student seat). Kyle: currently AUS VPX and AMS Representative. Past involvement includes PSSA, and AUS GO.

3:21 – and we’re off!

3:20 – we are electing five AMS reps (from 7 candidates). Three are here today (I believe a couple knew in advance that they would not be here today). Michael Haack will be doing his debate/interview on Monday.

3:16 – our last and most populated debate: Carolee, Kyle and Rory, all going for AMS.

3:13 – closing remarks: being involved drives her and pushes her to do better. *awkward pause* she’s involved. And done. Now the last one AMS.

3:11 – she loves the AUS (props to her for being so positive about it). If she doesn’t get elected will likely join a committee.

3:11 – I forgot what the question was…she’s rambled on for quite some time now. I don’t even know what we’re talking about.

3:10 – “I worked my magic with Photo Shop” – I love her for that…she should teach me.

3:09 – she seems a bit uncomfortable…but seems to know what she’s talking about. And bonus points for actually showing up (unlike TWO of our three presidential candidates)

3:08 – why does no one ever make decisions? Stop being so neutral.

3:07 – what do you want your role to be? Alison: sees a GO as someone potentially new bringing in fresh perspective. Sees GOs as doing a lot of hands-on things.

3:04 – Alison is here. Lisa Anderson had a medical emergency (guess she had a crazy night!). There are two GO positions open and three candidates. Alison: this is her first AUS experience, running for GO because she has never been involved and has heard good things about it on campus. Is a FAACT Learning Team Leader (I thought she looked familiar). Is also a Group Leader for IPP (International Peer Program). Also volunteers for Sprouts.

3:02 – next is GO, only one of which is present.

3:00 – and we’re done with VPI. I’ll be posting more thoughts on the debates either later tonight or tomorrow.

2:59 – wants to work with the administration to find a way to contact all students to be able to get feedback

2:57 – what are your ideas for the future of the AUS code? Elysia: would like to break down all of the tasks that are performed by the AUS, organize these into relevant groups and from there create the positions that are relevant. (Note: we did this in Code Committee last year…is she saying she doesn’t think the current jobs are relevant? I’m rather confused…)

2:55 – make a choice (meeting or study space). Elysia: would make it for club meeting space

2:55 – thinks we should poll students for their interest.

2:53 – what should be the priority for more student space? (e.g. meeting space, lounges) Elysia: both meeting and study spaces are a priority. Would like to see more couches. Wants to see a blend of study spaces and social spaces. Re: my cinnamon bun, I only want one of the middle ones. I don’t like the edge ones.

2:53 – Patrick: take a stance! (he read my mind!). Elysia is undecided on how she will vote (has not finished doing her homework). (my keyboard is suddenly in French mode. damn)

2:51 – do you support the fee increase? Elysia: not supporting yes or no, wants to leave it up to the students (she’s also a student…? I want to know what she will vote!). Does support increased student spaces.

2:50 – student awareness is important. I’m getting hungry and tired. If someone brings me a UBC cinnamon bun I will be most pleased!!

2:49 – what concrete things have you done while in office? Elysia: Facebook groups (what about those people who do not use Facebook?) would like to increase socialization between club reps.

2:47 – I like Elysia’s hair today (curly hair ftw!). She’s still side-stepping being critical.

2:46 – take three! In the first take she introduced herself as Elysia Bliss Pyne, second and third times it was Elysia Pyne. I’m curious about the “Bliss” part.

2:44 – and another do-over. There are more Star Wars jokes. I am sad.

2:42 – and we’re re-doing the whole thing. yay break! (unless she says anything different). She speaks really quietly!

2:39 – I’m going to try to do more commentary than direct quotes. Elysia is too nice here, CLUB RELATIONS WERE NOT IDEAL, she needs to be able to say that! In fact, they still are not ideal. Camera fail…we might have to re-do a bit.

2:38 – became VPI in January, focused on creating Facebook group for all club reps and club executives. VPI used to include some administrative tasks, now is solely club relations and code. Wants to create efficient communication in the AUS.

2:37 – opening remarks. Elysia: is the current VPI of the AUS, started off the year as PSSA AUS Representative (I have no idea why I’m taking such frantic notes on this…it’s all going to be posted anyways?!?! My poor wrists).

2:36 – Patrick flubs (I hope that part is posted too).

2:32 – and done VPX debates. Next is VP Internal (Elysia).

2:30 – closing remarks. Carolee: wants to work towards inter-faculty awareness and faculty pride. Work on building the “Active Artsies” program (volunteer program in the AUS), work for long-term sponsorships. Carolee has strong inter-faculty relations across campus already which would aid her in this position. Mary: sensible approach towards promoting and raising the profile of Arts, sponsorships. Let’s put the rock back into bureaucracy.

2:28 – Dean Nancy Gallini is leaving soon, what can we do to develop a similar relationship with a new Dean? Mary: actively engage with the new Dean once selected, show them that the AUS is willing and excited to work with him or her. Clear and constant communication. Carolee: would like to sit with the AUS exec and Dean and discuss how we can work together. Frequent meetings would be great, create a bond.

2:26 – what advantages can Arts students get through inter-faculty relations that they can’t get through their own faculty? Carolee: insights from other faculties, meeting other people, growth, learn things you might not experience in Arts. Good to meet people from different walks of life. Mary: we’re aiming to be global thinkers, these different disciplines are so incredibly connected. There’s a lot to be gained from looking at things through different perspectives. E.g. thinks Physics of Music is a great example.

2:24 – what would you do with an ACF-like project? Why was ACF not financially viable? Mary: ACF started becoming financially not viable in the long-run because of decreased attendance. Would like to gather interest of students beforehand before over-planning. Carolee: isn’t sure if a concert is the right way to bring students together, would like to move forward.

2:22 – what will you do if you do not win this election? Carolee: currently chairing the frAUSh committee and would focus a lot on first years. Best place to start with pride is first years. Would continue working with UBC Solar, BizzComm, Campus Ambassador position. Mary: would work on bringing back something similar to ACF. Has just been elected president of the French Club, would continue to work on Blog Squad, would be interested in becoming Promotions Coordinator for further branding.

2:21 – are you afraid of running against a jedi? Mary: has a light-sabre building project going on in her apartment and has the necessary precautions to defeat Mace Windu. Carolee: Mace Windu should be afraid of US and our AUS army.

2:18 – why VPX? Carolee: really enjoyed working with other faculties in FYC, thinks VPX is the best place for her to work on creating inter-faculty liaising. Focus on faculty pride. Mary: Thinks branding and marketing the AUS is best fit with the VPX position (point of interest: Mary is switching between Canadian and British accents)

2:17 – what is your number one priority? Mary: raise the profile of the AUS across the board with branding and marketing showing that we are approachable and relevant to students’ lives, engage Arts and other faculty students. Wants to seek sponsorships. Carolee: biggest thing is Arts Week and the first week of school (this is when you can inspire the most). Working closely with clubs during Arts week to create a community.

2:13 – we’ll be starting with Mary’s opening statements. Mary: 2nd year Psych student with interest in political science and French, has been French Club Social Coordinator. Writes for UBC Blogsquad. Feels the AUS has a lot of potential and talent that she’d like to harness. Carolee: this is her 2nd year (wants to major in IR) and 2nd year of AUS involvement; ran the First Year Committee as First Year Representative last year, is currently an AMS representative. As First Year Rep liaised with many other faculties. Is doing 5 days for homelessness (if that’s what it’s called) this week, also building a solar car with the engineers (I’m jealous!)

2:12 – next: VP External (VPX) debates. Carolee and Mary (i.e. it’s actually a DEBATE! woo!)

Update on my wrists: I think I might get carpel tunnel (is that how you spell it?)

Update on the two presidential candidates who did not attend: Ryan Trasolini did not fill out the Doodle for when he was available for the debates. Mike Silley said on the Doodle he could make this time and then emailed our EA this morning that he could not attend.

2:02 – and DONE! This blogger is getting tired.

2:01 – is the current academic hardship policy fair? Would you change it? Kristian: would like to look at this in the Senate committees.

2:00 – do you think it’s worth the cost to have other libraries than just IKB open for 24 hours? Kristian: believes there will be some polling of students done, need to assess the costs.

1:59 – library hours being open for 24 hours? Is it worth the value of it? Kristian: at first glance, is for it. Can see the need for it, but would need to look at the logistics (e.g. staff, security, building operations). Demand for library availability is key for students.

1:58 – which committees do you want to sit on? Kristian: Academic Policy, Teaching and Learning, Admissions

1:56 – what other things do you want to fight for on Senate? Kristian: examining admission policy specifically to Arts (admission policy is different for example differences between Arts and Sauder), expand on community based research and community service learning programs.

1:55 – there has been a slacking of classes in Tues/Thurs evening for this very reason. Do you support this? There has been pressure to remove this and put in more classes. Kristian: can see the pressure to remove it, opportunity/costs (class times, prof availabilities) – would look at both sides of the debate.

1:53 – Kristian polled ~50 students asking about their most pressing issue for students. Findings were to potentially re-instate the noon-hour break.

1:53 – have you ever attended a Senate meeting? Kristian: has not attended but has met with past and current student Senators and followed the minutes.

1:52 – what do you think about publishing the teacher reviews? Kristian: particularly interested in the Teaching and Learning Senate Committee – thinks it would be great to post prof reviews.

1:51 – do you think it was good to have a student vice-chair of Senate this year? Do you see this happening in the future or for yourself?) Kristian: if he felt he had the credentials upon his Senate experience in the future.

1:50 – what are your thoughts on the new Pass/D/Fail initiative? Kristian: this is a great initiative to branch out, especially for Arts students.

1:49 – where are your experiences that relate to Senate (i.e. academics)? Kristian was involved with the AUS Academic committee, helped spearhead the B.A. B.Comm. degree. Has been dealing with conference subsidies and the like.

1:48 – opening statements: Kristian is running for Arts Senator. Was AUS VP Finance this past year, was GO and Interfaculty Liaison for the AUS the previous year.

1:47 – or not, we’re doing Senate next. Kristian is here! (no Princess Leia though)

1:44 – next will be VP Internal! Elysia has just arrived.

1:42 – and break! who’s next?

1:41 – closing remarks: Brian wants the AUS to act like the large organization it is; wants to have fun and be professional. Everyone running in an election promises change. Brian doesn’t want to tiptoe around, he wants to change things. He doesn’t want to run a quiet campaign…he’s running an uphill battle because he’s been less involved in the AUS than the other candidates. Even if he doesn’t win he’s going to make damn sure these issues are raised.

1:40 – is there a specific event you’d like to see happen? Brian: Arts Week, if it counts as an event, needs to be improved. It should be a booming awesome time; club events need to be coordinated and focused. Question: have you ever attended an AUS Mardi Gras? Brian: no, has been at most of the AUS events this year (frAUStbite, No Pants).

1:39 – question: what would be your biggest priority? Brian: wants an Arts student who comes to campus to feel that this is a dynamic place to meet people within their faculty and meet people from all disciplines. Focus on using the resource of the 19 Arts clubs.

1:38 – MASS expansion/referendum to increase fees? Brian doesn’t think we need to more than double student fees to do this. Would like to see club offices and better AUS offices though.

1:35 – what are the biggest issues for the AMS? Brian: went to the #amsUNfail meetings. Wants to listen to AUS council as for what the AMS council needs to do. Doesn’t see his role as president as to go in individually, only wants to act with consent of AUS council. Question: would you have voted to impeach Blake and Tim? Brian: they messed up pretty badly, took a big costly action without the consent of council which is unacceptable. Was at first in favour of movement to impeach, but after a while it became more of a petty campaign to keep getting rid of them no matter what. At a certain point you need to step back and get back to the work of the AMS. Question: did you vote “NO” on the impeachment referendum? Brian: Yes, I voted no. The campaign to impeach had turned into a petty thing.

1:33 – what small fix(es)? name one or two things the AUS can do easily to improve interactions with students? Brian: there should be something in MASS a large easy to read simple display outlining what’s happening on the campus this week (any Arts club events) – AUS needs to promote club events as if they were their own events! We need to get in students faces, an online calendar is not good enough. Second thing he’d do is to organize a meeting in early September to meet with club presidents and other execs and have a conversation to plan out what has to happen this year and work together to create partnerships.

1:32 – Brian has experience coordinating different clubs, people. Helped found a Canada and Afghanistan student partnership club this year.

1:32 – “running the AUS is like herding cats” – Patrick Meehan – or did he say hurting cats? I’m not sure.

1:27 – and we’re off! it’s being filmed and will be posted tonight! Brian is doing his opening remarks. Brian spent the past year as the VP Finance of the History Students’ Association (HSA) – HSA put on a lot of events last year. Brian spent the past year frustrated with many of the things the AUS did over the past year and he’s running to change things. Running for 2 reasons: no one thinks the AUS is currently a well-run organization (it’s a collective problem, not an individual problem) – it’s the largest Undergrad Soc on campus and needs to become more professional. Second reason: a lot of Arts clubs are perpetually frustrated with the AUS from a poor communication. There needs to be more human interaction (meet in the same room, plan how we can bring the Arts campus to life) – small simple steps are needed. Wants to bring in a fresh perspective and shake things up a little bit and make the AUS into the proud organization that it should be.

1:26 – we’re starting now with the presidential debate. Only ONE candidate is here (Brian Platt)

1:25 – there will be make-up debates on Tuesday for those who aren’t here today. WHERE ARE THE OTHER CANDIDATES?!

1:24 – TWEET YOUR QUESTIONS to candidates to @auselections! Those less twitter-savvy can email them to me and I’ll forward them along: cherylkornder @ gmail [dot] com

1:22 – discussion of Lady Gaga’s chromosomal composition has commenced. (IMO, SHE’S A MAN!)

1:18 – one new arrival, but it’s Will Davis, one of the Elections Committee members.

1:16 – the mic works, yay! Looks like the filming equipment is all set up and we might be starting soon (I’m a little unsure how much debating will happen here if no one else shows up…)

1:15 – still wondering where the hell the rest of the candidates are?!

1:14 – Carolee and Mary are being very friendly…I want to see some fireworks in their debate though!

1:13 – apparently our moderator today is Patrick Meehan (I don’t know who he is, I’m trusting one of the candidates on this one).

1:10 – where are all of the rest of the candidates? I am disappointed. Present are Brian Platt (running for President), Carolee Changfoot and Mary Leong (running for VPX), Alison Chan (running for GO) and Kristian Arciaga (running for Senator).

1:08 – re-correction, the person I thought was the sixth candidate is actually a moderator.

1:07 – correction, there are actually 6 candidates here.

This will by my first experience/attempt at liveblogging so bear with me. I’m currently in the room for the AUS debates (Buchanan D222) waiting for the debates to start. There are officially 5 candidates present plus myself and our beloved EA.


19 Responses to “Liveblog of the AUS debates”

  1. 1 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    Which candidates are there?

  2. 2 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Where are the other presidential candidates? I don’t think it looks that good that they’re not there. Do they take this seriously?

  3. March 13, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    I have no idea where the other presidential candidates are. I will be most displeased if they do not show up.

  4. 4 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    I know! It makes me worry about their dedication. If they’re not willing to come to the debates before they’re elected what’s to say they will do everything required of them when they’re president? Its just a little scary.

  5. March 13, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Very much so…if they do arrive you can definitely ask! Tweet your questions to @auselections (if they arrive you can ask why they were late)

  6. 6 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    MAKE UP DEBATES?!? How is that fair to the candidates that actually showed up?

  7. 7 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Leading any group of people is. You need a strong hand. Cheryl can you ask Brian how he plans to enforce his ideas while working with so many different people?

  8. 8 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    More FOURGY’s!! YAY!

  9. 9 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    to Brian: How would raising awareness of club events increase the AUS’s visibility?

  10. March 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    I believe there was always a plan to have two debates, Yianna.

  11. 11 Yianna Mihalatos
    March 13, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Well hopefully the other candidates show up for that one

  12. 12 taylorloren
    March 13, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    now THIS is dedication! ❀

    so hardcore

  13. 13 Mike Silley
    March 13, 2010 at 8:13 pm


    The time of the debate conflicted with my academic schedule, and I was unable to reschedule my group meeting because I only learnt when the debate was going to be held 24 hours ago. I do not see how this challenges my dedication to the AUS. All it does is show that I have my priorities straight; I am at UBC to further my learning.

    I am not running to be president to screw everything up or not show up. I am running because I vehemently believe I can do not only a good job, but the best job compared to other candidates in the running. The AUS is an organization that I care about. I hope this explains my absence and puts your worries at ease.

    Mike Silley
    AMS Arts Represenative
    AUS Presidential Candidate

  14. March 14, 2010 at 12:50 am


    I was informed that you originally said you would be able to attend today’s debate and then stated this morning that you were not available.

    To be honest I’m more disappointed in the fact that Ryan apparently did not respond with whether or not he could attend.

  15. March 14, 2010 at 1:02 am

    “Patrick is an amazing moderator. He should run for something.”


    You are not the first, nor the last to say that to me over the years. I have run in one election at UBC in total. I lost. By 8 votes, largely because I failed to campaign.

    I think an important impact that the VFM’s can also have is in setting the method and tone of debates. In Canada and the United States, leaders debates are an intense negotiation between the parties involved AND the mainstream media. I think a critical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of debate formats is hugely important, people wouldn’t know what went wrong with the AMS exec debates had it not been blogged, and people wouldn’t know what went well with this debate, were it not blogged about.

    I REALLY liked the experimentation in this debate, both the idea of youtubing it and the more interactive ‘Barbara Walters’ approach. One was my idea, the other I can only wish I had come up with. Youtubing is the best innovation in UBC elections I have seen in years.

    I would also say that I thought that all three AMS rep candidates strongly impressed me, and beat any expectations I had going in. I cannot say what my opinion overall is (both because I don’t know the other candidates, and because as moderator, I should remain neutral) but were they the only three running, I would have difficulty with deciding.

    I LOVE the coverage, you rocked today! Fantastic reporting of what was a very long and tiring process.

  16. March 14, 2010 at 1:50 am

    awww thanks, Patrick ❀

    I completely agree with all your points here πŸ™‚

    Also, you really were amazing today and I'm sad you never successfully ran for anything! (I'm guessing you're graduating this year?)

  17. March 14, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Nope, I’ll be back next year… I’ve been away the last year and a half working full time, I should be back this fall!

  18. 18 Rory Breasail
    March 14, 2010 at 5:48 pm


    I really appreciate the coverage and I earnestly hope that you didn’t do any lasting damage to your wrists in the process. I have to say that I’m totally flattered by some of your comments and I can’t say whether or not they’re fully deserved.

    I have to echo your comments about Patrick, I also thought he did an excellent job as moderator. I really appreciated his professionalism despite the fact that we have significant differences of opinion on many of the issues discussed.



  19. March 14, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Still time to run for something then, Patrick. We elect more positions in September πŸ˜›

    And thanks for the positive feedback, Rory! You’re welcome for the coverage and flattery (you deserve it).

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