Liveblogging the UBC Votes Poetry Slam\

10:31 – And I’m heading home soon. Have a good night everyone!

10:21 – We’re singing Happy Birthday to Ekat!

10:00 – “Drink, bitch.” – Isabel. My spelling sucks.

9:52 – Naylor to candidates: “I’m giving you money, get out there and campaign!” He has a more Calgarian accent right now.

9:49 – Chants: “Brian, Brian!”  Isabel is speaking to me in Spanish…I am confused. Naylor is up! “Most likely in a poem about how democracy sucks” – Alex. Naylor: “I am tired of a democracy…I am just fucking spent”

9:48 – Mitch and Aaron are doing bible quotes to the tune of Mary’s ukelele. Oh dear…

9:46 – She’s singing some song I do not know. But props to her for getting up there! Aaron Palm is next!!

9:44 – “I’m getting drunk” – Alex. Mary is going to perform on ukelele.

9:41 – This has been a fun evening! I am also super excited for SAID THE WHALE tomorrow night…YAY!

9:34 – There is a conversation about penises. I am missing most of it (which is sad). Isabel and I just voted!

9:18 – New arrivals: our resident hobo (Carolee), Mike and Ryan.

9:10 – There is serious slammage going on, to quote Jonathan.

9:04 – Elysia (VPI candidate) is here. As is UBC Slam Poetry and my lover Isabel. Also, apologies for poor typing which may arise.

8:59 – Mary Leong (VPX candidate) has now arrived.

8:57 – ACTUAL poetry slamming starting. I missed the first bit being on the phone…I’m not sure what’s going on.

8:37 – Naylor has just informed me that the RBT Policy is once you’re on “you’re on for life”

8:27 – Taylor and I are officially twins. We even have the same laptop. ❤

8:22 – Jonathan: there’s a lack of slammage. Jonathan is offering free tickets to the next person who arrives and uses the word “slammage”

8:17 – I’m laughing at Taylor’s tweets quoting Matt 🙂

8:12 – Brian and Jonathan are talking Nazi and Soviet politics. I’m intrigued!

8:02 – Apparently this blog had about 3600 hits yesterday…(Taylor just showed me how to check the blog stats). It’s crazy.

7:54 – There are more people here now. I do not see any more candidates though.

7:45 – It’s sort of hilarious that we still have the days of the week posted in MASS…this is I suppose what remains of our MASS Calendar of olden days. There’s nothing posted below them…

7:43 – Naylor has a shirt with a unicorn on it…he has a new allegiance to AMS Confidential?! I’m sad.

7:39 – Naylor/Taylor are talking about “aging out.” I have never heard that terminology before…does that make me of a different generation than them?

7:31 – Also, today’s AUS council meeting was chaotic to say the least…here’s a brief review of what happened: http://bit.ly/aSZtG5

7:29 – Naylor: “I’m still king of the blogs!”

7:28 -I’m eavesdropping. Brian and Rory are talking philosophy…they have very similar majors (History/Phil double major/major and minor).

7:26 – shameless plug: my “brother” is running for SFSS Treasurer over at SFU: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=377458419458&ref=ts

7:22 – AMS Confidential is on their way (according to Twitter). I am pleased.

7:17 – There are not many people here yet. Candidates present: Brian, Rory, Kristian and Lisa. Naylor is laughing that I’m liveblogging this…he’s also incessantly asking what’s going on at the AMS meeting.

7:12 – I’m at the UBC Votes Poetry Slam in MASS. Low turnout so far, which I’m attributing to the fact that there is currently an emergency AMS council meeting discussing voter fraud (exciting!) See the UBC Spectator or Ubyssey for liveblogs of the meeting.


3 Responses to “Liveblogging the UBC Votes Poetry Slam\”

  1. 1 Istarbel
    March 15, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    I’d like to point out that I made it to this live update

  2. 2 Istarbel
    March 15, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    You are sexy woman also I love you

  3. 3 Istarbel
    March 15, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Cheryl is having issues with spelling. I have gotten her drunk yay me I made like 2 time into this.

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