AUS Elections: Timeline of Today’s Drama and Results

Thanks to Omid for posting earlier when I was out.

Here’s the timeline of events (to my knowledge) for today:

– Ryan files a complaint (his reasons for doing so posted earlier today)

– recount of AUS Elections ballots, which came out to the same results as before

– Ryan accuses one ballot of being unclearly marked whether or not it was for him or for Brian

– AMS Elections Committee checks the ballots, determines the ballot was in fact for Brian

– Brian remains AUS President-elect

I may be wrong on some of this, correct me in the comments if that’s true, but this is the information I received.

Also, Ryan has the right to take this to Student Court.  I’m not sure on what grounds he would do so…it clearly states in AUS code that in the case of a tie the EA makes a deciding vote (point of interest: under SUS code, if there is a tie the EA makes the decision by flipping a coin).

C’est tout pour maintenant. I still am composing a post on the flaws of the AUS and my propositions for change. Perhaps it shall be entitled the Manifesto of Curls (there actually is a Naylor Manifesto).

Love and kisses,


PS, I never actually posted results. Here they are (unfortunately I do not have vote totals):

President: Brian Platt

VPI: Elysia Pyne

VPX: Carolee Changfoot

VP Admin: Laura Manyari

VP Academic: Pelican Mann

VP Finance: Obi-Wan Kenobi

General Officers: Alison Chan and Ivan Staeheli

AMS Reps: Admiral Ackbar, Rory Breasil, Carolee Changfoot, Kyle Warwick, Michael Haack

Senator: Kristian Arciaga


1 Response to “AUS Elections: Timeline of Today’s Drama and Results”

  1. 1 Uvic Student
    March 26, 2010 at 11:41 am

    hello! Sorry I could not find an email to contact you guys in private but I promised I would pass this on.

    I am a student at Uvic, our own elections have just ended. I ran under a slate called Renew. We are no stranger to scandal, as I can see you are able to relate to. I did not get elected, but a vast majority of my slate did. We had a record turn out of over 22% show up to vote, not including the votes we received from co-op and overseas exchange students. You may regard this as a huge success, as we did, we were all very proud with the outcome. Regardless of not having won I personally got to know the candidates running (on all slates, funnily enough) very well and I have complete confidence in their abilities.

    Unfortunately, a CFS backed slate that did not win is doing everything in their power to get candidates disqualified post elections. They re-appealed complaints against a 2- person slate that had been dismissed by our independent electoral official (who has since resigned his position due to an unfair election and scandal). The decision to disqualify was then handed over to a 3 person electoral committee made up of 3 people who ran on the CFS slate the year before. This is clearly an ec with bias. They voted unanimously to disqualify these candidates and now we must appeal their decision to the board

    Edward Pullman, the director of finance that decided to write the AMS a letter in regards to your own policy, and the letter to the UN is party to the EC. Again, he is responsible for this soap opera in our student society. This NEEDS to stop, it’s embarrassing.

    I personally voted for these two candidates and they ran on a completely different slate. I did not know them prior to the elections, or run in the same social circle. They are very bright and active in the community. They possess the necessary skills needed to make a change in a student society that has been driven completely by the CFS, and ended up in a 300,000$ debt.

    As it stands the current board is divided. Most advocacy group reps will abstain from voting as it is a contentious issue. Candidates that ran in the elections 2 weeks ago must not vote, as it is a conflict of interest. That leaves very few board members. We fear that those that remain will be purely biased and two very hard working, well deserving directors will lose their positions. they each received over 950 votes, who are these people to tell them they don’t deserve to take their seats? who are they to tell almost a thousand students that their votes don’t matter?

    it is a direct violation of a students right to vote, and clearly an immature and terrible thing to do. I am a candidate that ran against these two and i do believe they deserved to win. I am contacting members of other student societies in BC to hopefully rally some outside support. It is my hope that if attention is brought to this election scandal that the outcome will lead to another independent party analyzing the appeals, not the best friend of the losing chair executive candidate.

    I am not entirely familiar with your political situation over at UBC If you have any friends or contacts or would like to write an email in support of our cause please feel free to pass this on or contact me! we also have a facebook group that is very detailed!


    or you can check our own eye on the uvss blog star david Foster’s coverage of the elections here

    thank you so much for your time! If you can pass this on to students at UBC we would be so grateful, this outrageous scenario needs to be known. The UVSS needs to be told, even if by email or letter.

    In solidarity,
    Lauren Micaela Petersen, University of Victoria

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