And on to Student Court we go…

My sources tell me Ryan is currently writing a formal complaint to Student Court.

Warning: I do not understand how Student Court works (I’ve heard they do not have the power to actually do or enforce much, but I recall some debate about the AMS changing this? Really not sure…) Also it seems most extreme hacks do not understand Student Court either (perhaps this will be a learning experience for us all)

The grounds for the complaint are allegedly the contested ballot I reported on earlier. Apparently Ryan is going to ask for the ballot to be discounted (thus giving him the AUS presidency).

My thoughts on this:

– I have no idea the likelihood of this getting through Student Court (and if there can be any rulings imposed)

– This could make transition AWKWARD.

– In the (in my view unlikely) event Ryan does become AUS President through this process…(how) will council accept him? And by accept I don’t mean whether council will accept the results so much as I mean respect him as a leader after instigating this process.

This seems to me that it will create a bigger mess for the AUS just after many councillors and hacks were celebrating change in the air and a fresh set of eyes.

We’ll see how it pans out…for now I need to get back to work. Will post more as I learn more.

Love and kisses,



1 Response to “And on to Student Court we go…”

  1. 1 Hillson
    March 27, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    In order for it to get to SC, the case will first have to be approved by the Prima Facie Establishment Committee which looks to see if the Court has jurisdiction over the matter and if such a matter merits a hearing. And SC decisions only become binding upon resolution by Council which has *cough* never really happened in recent history. (Lougheedgate, Councilgate) I can haz cheezbrugers nao?

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