Radical Presidential EndAUSment

Here we go again folks, another year of the rigmarole of student politics. The AUS is currently in shambles, and this election will undoubtedly solve all their woes. That’s totally how it works, right? Anyway, we believe in partisanship here at the RBT, so here come the first round of endorsements. More are to follow later tonight, especially for AMS reps. Stay tuned. It should be noted that these are Naylor’s endorsements – if Cheryl (who might) and Omid and Alex (they won’t) post other endorsements, you should be fully informed. Not that you shouldn’t ignore the differences and vote for my picks. They’re clearly the best.

President – Brian Platt

For anybody who has been paying attention to the AUS this last year, you will know that I voted for Brian Platt. In front of everybody. The ballot subsequently exploded and sent burning shrapnel into the eyes of everybody in the vicinity. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Brian more over the summer, and have found him to be a really honest and earnest guy. He has a plan for the AUS that goes beyond the constraints that the organization placed itself in post ACF. The AUS would be well served to be led by Brian.

His opponent is another story. Ryan Trassolini would be a disaster as President, which I suppose has its benefits if you want consistency. Aside from the in-my-mind petty (but I’m clearly a person of interest, so grain-of-salt that statement) election appeals and the dodgy circumstances by which he usurped the interim Presidency, Ryan has alienated fellow executives, has invented lines of Code, is of the opinion that Arts Council shouldn’t see the budget, and made ‘suspect statements’ to the press in spite of irrefutable audio evidence. Do not elect him.


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