Erik Mackinnon, You Suck at VFM!

Ugh, AMS Elections Administrators seem to hate VFM. Whether its the neglect and mishandling of Brendon, or the intransigence of Isabel, the chief electoral officer of the Society seems to hate the idea of open debate.

AMS Council, because it decided that it didn’t want to do the job of the Elections Administrator for the Elections Administrator, effectively cut off funding for VFMs on World Press Freedom Day, one of the more ironic decisions that the AMS has ever made, to be sure. But it’s not really Council’s fault, as they are not really supposed to be making regulatory decisions for administrative bodies of the AMS. If they WANTED to make some changes, they’d impose them through the Code of Procedures, but since they didn’t, the EA must assume ‘Qui tacet consentit’, that their silence implies a level of consent to regulatory actions.

Given that the EA is an independent body of the AMS, I don’t know where Mackinnon gets off taking orders from the President. It is grossly irresponsible, especially considering that Bijan had not ruled himself out as a candidate.

To make clear our position, Black Box is a legitimate media source, and so long as they provide such solemn affirmations that they are not one of the parties proscribed from participation, they should be allowed to compete. They are also cowards. Here, we sign our name to things (when we write them).

However, it would be a totally legitimate decision to decide that anonymity was unacceptable, and make the opposite decision. What was inappropriate was the abrogation of the regulatory responsibilities of the EA.

There are a lack of rules and regulations for VFM because it was intended that there were to be very few barriers to entry. Maclean’s was one of the entrants in the first year of VFM. Anyone should be able to enter, as I trust that with the right voting system, appropriate allocations will be made by the voters.

Unless, of course, there’s nothing to allocate.


3 Responses to “Erik Mackinnon, You Suck at VFM!”

  1. 1 A Pissed Off VFM
    January 11, 2011 at 12:33 am

    We were promised this would be dealt with by January 13th, and later told a special meeting would be held (with other things too) on January 5th.

    Neither have happened.

    In fact, they are refusing to talk about it on the 13th. All of the councillors I’ve talked to are concerned with time, which is why they FROZE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    But, I am most concerned with this:

    EA wants to transfer the money from Continuous which was frozen over to One Time Elections VFM. As we know, these yield very different results.

    By transferring this, they are not only taking away potential income from blogs that actually write, but…IT IS GIVING BIJAN MORE MONEY.

    Because he is an elections VFM now (despite having only put out two videos, which have nothing to do with elections), and has good name recognition, I can see him walking away with first place in VFM.

    How does that sound? Let’s not do anything to start Continuous VFM again (even though he said it’s the top priority here: http://votermedia.org/videos/4) and instead transfer the money to something I’ll profit from?!? HOW FUCKING PRESIDENTIAL.

    Can some councillors please step up to the plate and start spending your dollars wisely and helping us out? We’re killing ourselves here during elections COVERING YOUR RACES and GETTING PEOPLE TO VOTE and all we get is ignored.


  2. 2 Isabel
    January 11, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Can I just point out that the “intransigence” you accused me of was well-established as not coming from me. that was a ricardo venture and I definitely pointed that out multiple times. just sayin’.

  3. 3 Isabel
    January 11, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    also: i don’t hate VFM especially since i was the one to personally recommend to Erik that he adopt Continuous. again, just sayin’.

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