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Cheryl’s votes

While I’m waiting at home for my individualized voter id and login to be sent, I figured I would post up who I’ll be voting for.  See below for how my ballot will look.

All in all I haven’t been super impressed with any campaigns. What happened to the good ole days of intense campaigning?! (See Tim vs. Iggy) Most of the candidates themselves do not even seem that excited about the elections. Apathy at its finest.

And because I like to read posts with pictures, here’s one:

And my choices:


1. Jeremy McElroy (he’s got the experience and professionalism that the AMS President definitely needs – Jeremy will be a good balance between the past two extremes of AMS Presidents)

2. 3. undecided yet which order I will rank the remaining candidates in

VP Academic and University Affairs:

1. Justin Yang (he has the most relevant experience and is one of the most hardworking and dedicated student leaders I know!)

2. Jennifer Wang 3. Matt Parson

VP External:

1. Mitch Wright (while Mitch and Katherine’s platforms are very similar, Mitch has more direct experience as the current AVP External; also, I think it would be good for the VP External to not have political aspirations as well as to be as non-partisan as possible)

2. Katherine Tyson 3. Rory Breasail

VP Admin:

1. Mike Silley

2. Kath¥. 3. Gordon Katic

VP Finance: (I actually forgot this race and almost hit post…a true testament to how boring of a race it has been)

Undecided. Both candidates are similar (even in appearance!). Elin has the knowhow but I have a lot of respect for Arash as a leader.


Sean Heisler and Sumedha Sharma


Justin Yang, Spenser Rasmussen (undecided on rest)

Don’t forget to vote at Happy voting 🙂


AUS Ramblings

Unfortunately midterms prevailed last week and I never had time to write more about the latest AUS dramz…and honestly by this point I am pretty much over it.

The one thing I will point out that AUS Council should learn from its last meeting is to enforce an actually legitimate proxy consent system (or, you know, actually have a proxy system…instead of allowing randoms to show up and proxy for any missing councillors, sans consent)

We wouldn’t want voters to look like this:

But nonetheless, what’s done is done.

I do not know many of the new councillors, but the general trend I’ve seen over my time around the AUS is rapidly declining commitment to the society.

I’m not advocating a council where these types of interventions are necessary:

(though it is almost Arts Purple!)

However, it seems that each year there is less and less commitment leaving those willing to attempt to pull everyone’s weight and inevitably fail. New people come into the society with plans to bring back the glory days of the AUS but to be frank I do not see this happening. I’d love to be proven wrong, and perhaps I’m just cynical, but I really can’t see the AUS making any big changes in the near future.

I don’t expect people to devote their all to the society, but when council can’t even pull off successful simple events, councillors blow off events, clubs are left stranded and treated as second class citizens, Arts Week drives one to avert their eyes and drink, and simple tasks can’t even be performed I don’t really know what to say.

Here’s to hoping next year will be a turnaround year. If not, I’m graduating and won’t have to see anymore.


AUS (never-ending) Drama.

If you haven’t heard, today AUS Council voted Ryan Trasolini as its interim president (until a president will be elected in the fall by-elections).

This decision left most councillors, hacks and anyone who heard with the following reaction:

Post to follow with thoughts by myself (and perhaps Michelle’s!) Haackery may also be involved.

Stay tuned!


And on to Student Court we go…

My sources tell me Ryan is currently writing a formal complaint to Student Court.

Warning: I do not understand how Student Court works (I’ve heard they do not have the power to actually do or enforce much, but I recall some debate about the AMS changing this? Really not sure…) Also it seems most extreme hacks do not understand Student Court either (perhaps this will be a learning experience for us all)

The grounds for the complaint are allegedly the contested ballot I reported on earlier. Apparently Ryan is going to ask for the ballot to be discounted (thus giving him the AUS presidency).

My thoughts on this:

– I have no idea the likelihood of this getting through Student Court (and if there can be any rulings imposed)

– This could make transition AWKWARD.

– In the (in my view unlikely) event Ryan does become AUS President through this process…(how) will council accept him? And by accept I don’t mean whether council will accept the results so much as I mean respect him as a leader after instigating this process.

This seems to me that it will create a bigger mess for the AUS just after many councillors and hacks were celebrating change in the air and a fresh set of eyes.

We’ll see how it pans out…for now I need to get back to work. Will post more as I learn more.

Love and kisses,



AUS Elections: Timeline of Today’s Drama and Results

Thanks to Omid for posting earlier when I was out.

Here’s the timeline of events (to my knowledge) for today:

– Ryan files a complaint (his reasons for doing so posted earlier today)

– recount of AUS Elections ballots, which came out to the same results as before

– Ryan accuses one ballot of being unclearly marked whether or not it was for him or for Brian

– AMS Elections Committee checks the ballots, determines the ballot was in fact for Brian

– Brian remains AUS President-elect

I may be wrong on some of this, correct me in the comments if that’s true, but this is the information I received.

Also, Ryan has the right to take this to Student Court.  I’m not sure on what grounds he would do so…it clearly states in AUS code that in the case of a tie the EA makes a deciding vote (point of interest: under SUS code, if there is a tie the EA makes the decision by flipping a coin).

C’est tout pour maintenant. I still am composing a post on the flaws of the AUS and my propositions for change. Perhaps it shall be entitled the Manifesto of Curls (there actually is a Naylor Manifesto).

Love and kisses,


PS, I never actually posted results. Here they are (unfortunately I do not have vote totals):

President: Brian Platt

VPI: Elysia Pyne

VPX: Carolee Changfoot

VP Admin: Laura Manyari

VP Academic: Pelican Mann

VP Finance: Obi-Wan Kenobi

General Officers: Alison Chan and Ivan Staeheli

AMS Reps: Admiral Ackbar, Rory Breasil, Carolee Changfoot, Kyle Warwick, Michael Haack

Senator: Kristian Arciaga


AUS Elections…not over yet?

This just came into my inbox…I have no time to analyze it now…but speculate away!

To whom it may concern:

I would like to formally announce my complaint against the results of the 2010 Arts Undergraduate Society Presidential elections.  I believe that the votes from the online portion of the ballots were not accurately reported and as a result lead to a miscalculation in the combined paper and online total which may have lead to a different candidate being chosen.  I have obtained a copy of the online voting results directly from the UBC registrar and an eight-vote margin exists between Brian Platt, the winning candidate and myself. In the approved document from the Academic Governance Officer Christopher Eaton, it states that I received 170 votes while Brian Platt received 178 votes, reiterating the 8 vote margin.  In my discussions with elections scrutineers after the results had been released, Iggy Rodruigez and Nathan Tippe both told me a 10 vote margin existed between myself and Brian Platt when they counted the paper ballots, which they re-counted several times. According to their results Brian had 24 votes and I had 34 votes from the paper ballots.  The totals therefore indicate that I had 204 votes whereas Brian had only 202 which leads to a potential discrepancy in the existing elections count. It is my belief that there has been a misreporting in the online voting portion of the AUS election votes which has lead to the incorrect candidate winning the election. I would to see this matter thoroughly investigated potentially with a third party recounting the ballots to ensure legitimacy. I have every faith that the elections administration will ensure that proper candidate is rightfully elected.


Ryan Trasolini


Upcoming Elections Events!

No liveblogging tonight (I accidentally typed that as “loveblogging” the first time…Freudian slip? <3)…upcoming elections events which I am psyched for!

Tonight: Dance-mocracy with Said the Whale (who I’ve heard are AMAZING live from my “brother”)

Tomorrow: post-Dance-mocracy pancake breakfast! And St. Patrick’s Day party at the Museum of Anthropology! Tomorrow is also Imagine Your Arts Major in the SUB Ballroom from 11-2!


I will try to write a lengthier analysis of the AUS races tomorrow, perhaps with some endorsements!

Love and kisses (and I hope to see you at the events),


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