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Timkachu is not doing his job

Or, at least a very important part of it. While his partner in villainy is working hard to piss off the undergrad societies, Timkachu has turned his sights on (or, I suppose in this case, away from) the Grads.

It is the job of the VP External to maintain relationships with other student organizations, and specific to this is the GSS, the distinct society of the AMS. This relationship is important, because when it is neglected there inevitably is a conversation had by someone, somewhere about how the Grads might be better off on their own, without paying fees to both the AMS (as the GSA) and GSS. They already are a separately constituted society.

What does maintaining relations with the GSS look like? Well, going to their Council meetings is a good start. This was actually a perk of the job in my humble opinion, up until yesterday, because of the Free Beer that used to accompany attendance. Having meetings with the GSS Ac-Ex committee would have also been appropriate. Mind you, that is something that really would only have been helpful if Timkachu had actually been doing real lobbying this year, instead of sneaking around Council and running !THE BEST POSTCARD CAMPAIGN EVAR!!11!!1!

Apparently, the person responsible for coordinating relations with the GSS (that’s you, Tim, in case you never bothered to read the Code beyond your title) has let things deteriorate to the point where the GSS actually felt the need to pass a motion expressing their displeasure. Not following through with the promise to hold meetings (reportedly not responding to messages, or not showing up to scheduled meetings) has prevented the AMS from coordinating lobbying, or even getting on the same page on issues like CASA or the UN Complaint (not that the GSS was alone in being ignored on this one).

These positions are not to be used as personal chew toys – ignoring relationship maintenance is the same as ignoring the UPass – it is a vital part of the portfolio left undone. I, like I said before, do not feel that this office has been well served this year. Tim could have been doing this instead of … supporting striking paramedics, for example?

The conclusion that I am forced to come to is that either Tim is so incompetent that he doesn’t even know what the job he has been doing for the past year entails, or he just doesn’t care.

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