Cheryl’s votes

While I’m waiting at home for my individualized voter id and login to be sent, I figured I would post up who I’ll be voting for.  See below for how my ballot will look.

All in all I haven’t been super impressed with any campaigns. What happened to the good ole days of intense campaigning?! (See Tim vs. Iggy) Most of the candidates themselves do not even seem that excited about the elections. Apathy at its finest.

And because I like to read posts with pictures, here’s one:

And my choices:


1. Jeremy McElroy (he’s got the experience and professionalism that the AMS President definitely needs – Jeremy will be a good balance between the past two extremes of AMS Presidents)

2. 3. undecided yet which order I will rank the remaining candidates in

VP Academic and University Affairs:

1. Justin Yang (he has the most relevant experience and is one of the most hardworking and dedicated student leaders I know!)

2. Jennifer Wang 3. Matt Parson

VP External:

1. Mitch Wright (while Mitch and Katherine’s platforms are very similar, Mitch has more direct experience as the current AVP External; also, I think it would be good for the VP External to not have political aspirations as well as to be as non-partisan as possible)

2. Katherine Tyson 3. Rory Breasail

VP Admin:

1. Mike Silley

2. Kath¥. 3. Gordon Katic

VP Finance: (I actually forgot this race and almost hit post…a true testament to how boring of a race it has been)

Undecided. Both candidates are similar (even in appearance!). Elin has the knowhow but I have a lot of respect for Arash as a leader.


Sean Heisler and Sumedha Sharma


Justin Yang, Spenser Rasmussen (undecided on rest)

Don’t forget to vote at http://www.ams.ubc.ca/elections/ Happy voting 🙂


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